Things I'm Looking Forward To This Autumn

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Although it's still technically still summer I'm totally ready for Autumn.  I definitely think that nature is too as it's getting colder and the leaves are starting to change colors. I love Autumn so much and I'm always excited for all the fun things it brings. 

As I don’t actually like going out in clubs festivals are my cup of tea. Everything about them make me so happy. I just love that you can see and do so much things. The food is always delicious and music is amazing. I love the whole experience especially when I share it with my best friends. I’m always looking forward to festival season as it means that the beginning of Autumn is here.

There is something so beautiful in walking in the nature and you can feel a crisp air. It gives it that cozy feeling. I try to spend as much time in the nature as I can. I love to see all the little changes between seasons and really enjoy the whole transition. I think that you can definitely feel it more in the countryside which I adore. 

I always tend to have movie marathons in the Autumn as they are so much better then. Snuggling in my bed with a cozy blanket, cup of hot chocolate and a good movie is all I need. Hearing rain outside makes it even better. I want to watch all the Harry Potter movies and probably The Princes Diaries. 

 Do you like Autumn? 
What are you excited about? 

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