What I Ate In A Day

Thursday, August 3, 2017

I love food. As much as I love eating it I think that I enjoy preparing it even more. I just get so relaxed and into my zone when I'm cooking and baking. I think that I'm getting better and better with cooking as I'm mostly baking. I like to know what other people eat in their day so I decided to share my day through food with you. 

I think that I'm more of an morning person as I enjoy waking up early. I don't like to waste my time sleeping. We all know how important breakfast is so I always try to have a quality one. I usually have breakfast an hour after I wake up. I absolutely love to have fried egg as I know that it will give me all energy that I need for the morning. I put it on the bread with sliced tomato's which complete the whole breakfast. On some morning I'll make a scrambled, omlet or boiled eggs, it really depends on what I'm craving. 

If you follow me on Instagram and watch my insta stories then you know how much I love my risotto.  I make it all the time. My family and I always have a lunch together around 1pm. As I can't actually eat a lot when it's very hot risotto is just the perfect option. I like to put a lot of vegetables as I have all of them in my garden. My favorite vegetable is zucchini so I always try to combine it with different dishes. This risotto is so quick and easy to make and it's so light but makes you full. 

Between lunch and dinner I like to have a little snack. It's always different. Today my mom baked some cottage cheese rolls. They are just so delicious and the perfect little bites. I love hot beverages but I don't drink coffee. I like to make myself a cup of chocolate cappuccino and enjoy it while reading, watching a movie or just talking with my family.

I must admit that sometimes I forget about having dinner. I'm usually outside or hanging out with my friends. When I actually remember to make myself dinner it's most of the time something quick and easy to make. Today I craved a cheese toast. I find that if I eat a lot before bed I can't fall asleep. Cup of hot milk and honey also helps me sleep better which I mention in my Food That Will Help You Sleep Better post among other amazing food.

That is all that I ate in a day. It isn't the same every day. I like to change it and try out new recipes as much as I can. Sometimes I go for healthier options but sometimes I like to treat myself. 

What have you eaten today?
Do you like to cook or bake more? 

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