TED Talks You Need To Watch

Thursday, August 10, 2017

We all want to feel inspired and empowered. Sometimes the best way to do it is by listening to the people that are already feeling like that and who know how to make you feel the same way. Watching TED talks is definitely something I would recommend not just for feeling motivated but also if you want to increase your knowledge. 


I stumbled upon this talk right when my finals began and I really need a boost of motivation. Mel Robbins is a life coach, author, motivation speaker and so much more. 

Just listening to her will make you want to get everything from your life as she has such a powerful voice and really knows how to talk to you personally.

Everything she said is so reletable and makes you think about your choices in life and how you can improve them. Her 5 second rule is something you just need to try as it’s the best way to get yourself do things that you want to do. 

You may already heard about Sarah or read her book The Magic Of Not Giving a F***. Unfortunately I haven’t read the book yet but after watching to this talk I can’t wait to get my hands on it. 

If you are doing things that you aren’t feeling happy about but you want to be polite and not offend people than you need to watch this immediately.

She gives another perspective of not doing things that you didn’t feel like doing in the first place but you felt obligated to do it and waste a valuable time feeling unhappy.

Time management and the way we should use our free time is I’m sure something we all try to learn how to do. Sometimes our days just seem to be too short for all the things we want to do. 

This talk really put so many things a different point of view. I realized that if you really want to do something it’s going to be a priority for you. 

Saying that you don’t have enough time is just a bad excuse. The truth is that we don’t have all the time of the world and that we can’t make more time so we just need to work with what we have.

Do you like to watch TED talks?
Which is your favorite one?

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