Best Pancakes In Zagreb!

Friday, March 10, 2017

I truly believe that you don’t need to travel far away to find new and interesting places. Just go outside, take a walk and explore. Trying new things is definitely something I want to do more often and where is the better start than trying amazing food. Yesterday my sister, friend and I decided to go on pancakes and we found the best ones in the city. If you are a real pancake lover then you need to try them out.

Činkica is a pancake place in Zagreb, capital city of Croatia. They make homemade pancakes based on simple but so delicious recipes that remind you of pancakes that your mother makes. You have a menu from which you can choose if you want sweet or salty, dark or normal pancake (11-13 kn which is around 1-2 £) . Then you choose which spreads you want nutella, linolada or perhaps chocolate (4 kn which is around 0.50£). 

Now goes the best part choosing what you want inside your pancake. I was so impressed by the variety of things you can choose. You have lots of berries if you want a healthier version but for those who have a sweet tooth you can choose cookies, oreo’s, kit kat, kinder bueno, snickers, ice cream and etcetera (2-4 kn , around 0.20-0.50£). You can choose as many as you want and make a lot of different combinations. And lastly you choose your dressing, chocolate, caramel, vanilla…( 2kn which is around 0.20 £). Price for the salty pancakes are similar. 

I went for normal sweet pancake with nutella, kinder bueno and chocolate dressing. It was so delicious and a real sweet bomb. Be careful when you are choosing what you want inside because they are very generous. My pancake was so big that I couldn’t finish it although I was quite hungry when I got there. Also if you don’t like very sweet pancakes great option are fruits or of course salty version which I definitely want to try next time. My friend chose pancakes with banana and chocolate crumbs and my sister jaffa cookie with coconut. 

The interior is so warm and comfy. You really feel like you are eating pancake in your living room. It looks inviting and you can feel that relaxing and happy vibe. It really has a character and personality and that’s exactly what I’m looking for in little places like this one. If you are ever in Zagreb you definitely need to visit this place.  You can find them in two locations. One is Trg Ivana Kukuljevića 7, Zagreb and Avenija Dubrava 37, Zagreb.  

Are you a pancake lover? 
Do you have your favorite pancake place? 
Have you discovered any interesting places in your city?