Practicing Minimalism For Better Life

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Minimalism is something that I've been leaning towards for as long as know. I don't actually care to much about material things and I like to focus on experience. Materialism isn't about getting rid of all of your possessions. It's about finding that inner joy and happiness and focusing on things that are really important and everlasting. 

Realizing that you're focusing your life around material things and money and giving them a power is in my opinion great start to minimalism. We live in a consumer society where the most important thing is consumption and trade. Acknowledging that you don't want to live that kind of life is the first step. I never thought of myself as a material person but I realized that I got too attached to some things. I new that I need to change that immediately.

This goes for your life, social media, home and other. Decide what you want to keep and why. We tend to get attached to things that we associate with memories and we forget that the memories are what we'll have forever. When I went through my stuff I asked myself does it brings me joy if it does I would live it. It's important to be honest with yourself. Think about it as making space for things that you actually love and that make you happy. 

For all the things that I decided that I don't need anymore I would throw them away or give to somebody that would like them. Letting go also means not staying in a bad relationship our being surrounded with people that just suck out your energy and joy. Also unsubscribe from anybody that you don't look forward to watch or read. I'll try to get rid of clutter and let go at least once a month. I think that it's a great way to detox your whole life.

I think that this was and still is the hardest part for me. I always used to do so many things at once and I would end up making everything half good. Which isn't something I'm very proud of. With focusing on only one task at the time it means that you are completely focused on what you're doing and you give all of your energy to make it as good as you can. 

I think that minimalism isn't something you can do over a night. It's a way of living. I'm still learning and practicing and I can already see how beneficial it is for my overall personal growth and journey to better life.

Do you like minimalism?
How do you practice it? 

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