I Daily Blogged For A Month And I Survived

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I blogged every day for a month and it was very exciting. I wanted to do it for so long and I'm so glad I did it as I realized a few things. Although I'm not going to keep daily blogging in September I'll definitely do it in the future. I now have even more respect for bloggers who've been daily blogging for years as it's something you really need to work hard on.

I find that the hardest part of daily blogging is actually promoting your posts. When I was blogging 3 times a week I had two days to promote my post with daily blogging you can’t actually dedicate two whole days to do so. The first two weeks were actually great as I would schedule my tweets and post photos on Instagram but then life got in the way and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I kind of lost my motivation so would actually promote my post just twice and not really engage in the chats and comment threads. 

I don’t know if I would be able to write a post every single day if I haven’t scheduled posts in advance for two weeks. I didn’t need to worry about taking photos and actually writing a post. I only needed to schedule tweets and get more active on social medias. Taking a lot of photos in advance is great if you end up not having a post written. You can just write it that day and you already have photos ready to go. It saves so much time and makes life easier. Last two weeks I didn't scheduled my tweets and posts and I immediately saw a drastic change. 

Before I started daily blogging I was afraid that I won’t have enough ideas and I didn’t want to post just for the sake of doing it. I was constantly thinking about new post ideas and my list got bigger and bigger. It definitely saved me in last week as I haven’t had a posts scheduled. I’m so happy with every single post I published and some of them are actually my favorite posts I’ve ever written. I would definitely recommend to think out of the box. I find so many ideas within just things currently going in my life as going to college and long-distance relationship with my best friend.

Would you like to try daily blogging? 
If you tried it did you liked it? 

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