The 4 Most Effective Ways To Relax Without Technology

Sunday, August 6, 2017

I have a feeling that nowadays people just don’t know how to relax without technology. We are glued to our phones, laptops, TV’s and any other technology there is. Not everything needs to be Twitted, posted on Facebook or Instagram.

I’m so glad that I’m a 90’s kid and that I didn’t have phone or laptop as soon as I was born. What people today find to be chore found to be relaxing. Here are some of my favorite ways to relax without any technology.

There is nothing better than having a proper pamper session at the end of the busy and stressful day. Go all in, you deserve it. Light up candles, put on a face mask, listen to relaxing music and run a bath with your favorite bath products.

Make it a proper spa feeling and enjoy your time alone with your thoughts in a complete zen mood. Use this time to really connect with your feelings and thoughts as it’ll help you to be more relaxed even after your pamper session is over. 

I’m sure that you tried to mediate at least once in your life. Maybe you didn’t feel like it made any change so you stopped. I was there and I made a mistake. When you think about meditating you think that you should immediately disconnect from this world go to that other world and that’s just not happening. 

Take it easy. As everything else meditation is something you need to practice. Start with just 10 minutes of deep breathing with your eyes closed and thinking about just one thing. I find this helpful as my mind can get pretty busy and always full of thoughts. 

When you feel stressed and tight there are deeper things that make you feel this way. Sometimes we can’t actually express it with the with speaking but maybe we can with writing. I think that writing can be something personal and we can express our thoughts on another level. 

It really works therapeutic for me. Journals are a great way to write down what’s on your mind and really get to the rut of the stress. Maybe you are more of a creative writer and you like to write poems which is also amazing. 

Surrounding yourself with your best girlfriends can’t end anything less than evening full of laughter, fun and warm hearts. Even just organizing it is so much fun. There are so many amazing things you could do together and having a paper session and meditating can be some of them too. The only rule is that you can’t use technology. 

But why even should you use it when you can do so many other amazing things together and really bond even more. This is a great way to spend quality time with your friends but also to talk about things that are on your mind.

Do you find it hard to relax without technology? 
What is your favorite way to do it? 

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