Tips For Managing Your Mood During The Seasonal Change

Monday, August 21, 2017

 This is a guest post written by  Lois ( lifeasloismay)

The holidays can be a challenging and difficult time for certain people, mentally. With the seasonal change, days changing to night earlier than normal, strain on money and colder evenings, people are bound to have a lower mood than usual. During this time of year I see my mental health plummet more so than usual and see it in others as well so felt the need to talk about managing mood during the seasonal change.

I like to talk about mental health and wellbeing a lot on my blog and felt the need to approach this as the end of summer is looming. It is important to look after yourself.
Taking care of your emotions is just as important as taking care of your physical and mental health. Mental health and emotional support can be pushed to the side at a time of most importance. Here are some of the ways, which I try to focus on maintaining a healthy emotional and mental health support for myself in the colder months, which help improve my state of mind.

Regardless of whatever time of the year it is self-care is extremely important for anybody. During the holidays people tend to have more plans than normal and it can be a busy time. Overworking can sometimes overrule self-care and ultimately this can be neglected after a while. Even just taking half an hour out of your day to wind down and focus on yourself amongst the hustle of the colder seasons.

Ask for help from your supports
No-one should go through struggles alone. A lot of people tend to hide away their mental health issues from family and friends when it can sometimes be the worst thing to do. It can be forgotten what support is there to choose to reach out to when needed. It is there. Sometimes it can make people feel lonelier the busier the environment, however use it to your advantage and reach out to people if necessary.

Beating the Winter Woes | Making your environment warmer
Depending on where you spend most of your time doing things, creating an environment that is inviting and warm would be an improvement for your moods. Adding little pieces to your room of choice - perhaps a bedroom, can make your environment more inviting. Fairy lights, candles, scented candles, plants, new storage, something to boost your mood.

Taking care of your emotional state is not always looked upon as a priority. At the time of most importance mental health can be pushed to the side but shouldn’t be. Taking time out of your day to focus on yourself is necessary whatever the season.

Lois x

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