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Thursday, August 17, 2017

After having a step back from podcasts and starting to watch more of TED talks I get back to some amazing ones. When I listen to podcast I want to feel inspired and learn something. I want it to lead me to better life. 


The creator of this podcast is the lovely Estee Lalonde. She is a Canadian YouTuber and blogger living in London. I’ve been a fan of her YouTube channel for a very long time. 

The thing that attracted me to her is her voice and way of speaking. It’s very calming and it really gets your attention. 

She started her podcast quite recently and I enjoy listening to them. Although sometimes we have different opinions on some topic’s I like that this way I can expand my horizons and hear about different side of the story. 


This podcast is hosted by Emily Thompson & Kathleen Shannon. They are two incredible women who really climbed high in entrepreneur world. 

I like this podcast as they talk with other entrepreneurs and share their story and it’s so helpful. The podcast are usually an hour long so I try to listen to them when I have more time. 

Listening to other people’s stories and hearing how they get their dreams come true and really worked hard to get there really makes me so inspired and motivated to really try my best and follow my passion. 



I’m sure that you heard about Elizabeth Gilbert or at least about her book Big Magic. Unfortunately I still haven’t read the book but I just love what I heard about it. 

When I heard that Elizabeth is making a podcast I knew that I will love it. And of course I did. 

She talks to other creators and try to help them confront their fears and give advice's. It can be very emotional but so empowering and listening to her and other creator it definitely put so many things into perspective. 

Do you like to listen podcasts? 
Have you listened to these podcasts? 
Do you have your favorite podcasts? 

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