Homemade Teas For Real Tea Lovers

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I'm a big tea lover. I don't drink coffee so a cup of tea is definitely something I enjoy. I like the whole ritual of preparing the tea. But not any kind of tea. I love the homemade teas that my mom makes. They are completely natural and so beneficial for your body and soul. So sipping on them and knowing that they actually help my health makes me very happy. 


You might already know how much I love marigold as I wrote about Marigold ointment and its benefits.  Marigold tea is just as amazing. It's the best to pick the flowers when it's sunny as it's the most beneficial then. Put them to dry in the shade in a thin layer. Keep it into the mason jar. Marigold has antibacterial properties. It's great for sore throat, detoxing your body, regulates period... You just need a two teaspoons of it to make a delicious cup of tea. 


For this tea you need to pick blackberry and raspberry leaves and dry them outside in the shadow. It's commonly used in treating diarrhea, boosts immune system, heals cold and flue. Raspberry tea is helpful for nausea, improving sleep, leg cramp and female reproductive system. One teaspoon with boiled water is enough to make a rich cup.

If you have painful menstruation then this is the tea for you. It's used for reducing pain which includes menstrual cramps, toothache and headache. It's also great if you have digestive problems. It's very suiting so some people usi it for anxiety, high blood pressure, sleep problems... I usually make it when I have cramps as I don't like to drink pills and it really helps.


Nettle is definitely one of the plants that I wasn't very fond of when I was little. But after learning how beneficial it is I changed my mind. I don't even know where to start. It's amazing for your skin as it can help relieve the symptoms of irritation, acne and blemishes. It helps with allergic reactions, boosts immune system, and helps with digestive issues. Brew dried nettle leaves in almost boiling water. 

As beneficial as these tea's are you should never drink too much of them. Cup a day is enough especially if you make a stronger tea. You can find all of these teas in a bio shops or made them yourself. It's really easy and you'll have a 100% natural teas. 

Have you tried any of these teas? 
Are you more of an coffee or tea lover? 

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