Autumn Fashion Wishlist

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Autumn is knocking on my door and I'm going to let it in. It’s almost September and I honestly don’t know how this actually happened. I’ve been secretly hoping for Autumn to hurry up. I just love everything about it. But one thing I love maybe a little bit more and that’s its fashion. 

(everything is from h&m)

I love how everything is so soft and comfy. Today I made a wishlist of little clothing pieces that I want to buy. So the first thing on my list is this light jumper. I absolutely love to wear them. They are so soft and go well with everything. I’ve been really into ¾ length sleeves rust red color. I would definitely pair it with these stretchy trousers. I like that they are high waist and have this cute little buttons. I prefer my trousers to be very slim but comfortable. 

I’m starting my second year of college next month. I’m living in a dorm room and I want something that is soft and I can just throw on myself and feel cozy, also when I’m going on a class or just on a little walk. That’s way I really want this poncho. I think that it would look so pretty with simple long sleeve t-shirt and this  little ankle boots. They have elastic gores on the side which I find to look really cool. I’m on a hunt for ankle boots for so long and I think I finally found the ones that I really like. 

Next on my wishlist is this bucket bag. I want a small bag that has enough room for everything that I need. I think that this would be the perfect size. For the accessories I chose this cute scarf. I like to have something around my neck because it can get windy and I find that scarves can fulfill any outfit. They give it a nice texture and pattern. This beret is the only piece that I’m not so sure about but wanted to include it and hear your opinion. I think that berets look so pretty on other girls but I don’t could I pull it off.

What's on your Autumn wishlist?