Beauty Hacks For Summer Time

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Although I love sunny weather my regime changes as I show more skin and sometimes it need some help to look good. The hot weather and sun can damage it and make it not so great. I don't actually like to use chemicals and artificial products on my skin so I'm always trying to find natural replacement. 

Sunburns aren't fun at all. Somehow I always end up getting them. I found out some amazing and natural ways for them to go away faster. First of them is yogurt. Just apply cold yogurt on your burnt areas for a few minutes and then gently rinse it off.

Another thing you can do is having a bath with chamomile tea or put on some green tea wraps. It's really pleasant on your skin and relieves sunburns.  

I have a very dark and black hairs. Shaving is definitely something I have trouble with. I hate having dark underarms even immediately after I shaved my armpits. I tried few natural methods and they did make my underarms little bit lighter.

 I used lemon and left it for 25 minutes and then washed it off. Milk I rubbed for 15 minutes and potato and for about 20 minutes. I've been using them for about a week now and I think that it really works. 

Sun really dries out my skin a lot. I think that natural face masks really help my skin as they are very moisturizing. I wrote a post about my three go to face masks that are really worth trying out. Another natural beauty product that is just incredible is Marigold Ointment.

 I also wrote a post about all of its benefits. I apply it on all the areas that I usually get dry skin and it makes it so soft and not dry at all. I would recommend to apply it in the evening as it is oily. 

I'm sure that we all want to have perfectly smooth legs and arms. Sometimes it's so hard to achieve that and razor blade bumps are real. I've tried so many things to prevent razor bumps and almost nothing helped me. I tried two homemade sugar scrubs that really made the difference. 

First is the coffee, sugar and olive oil one which is amazing for the whole body. It exfoliate, moisturize, get rid of bumps and cellulite. Another good one is just olive oil and sugar one which I use before and after I shave. 

Do you have trouble with razor bumps? 
What is your favorite beauty hack? 

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