Things To Do Before New Academic Year

Monday, August 28, 2017

It's back to school and college season again and I always get that mixed feelings when I think about going back. I’m excited about the new year and fresh start but also nervous for what the future holds. While we still have a few more weeks till the new beginning here are some of the things I think we all need to do. 

If you go to college where it's required from you to read a lot of books and articles I’m sure that it can sometimes get too much. Most of the times you just don’t have time to read books just for your enjoyment. Before the college actually begins choose few books that are on top of your reading list and dive in them.

I believe that you’ll then have more motivation to read the books you need to without getting frustrated. You may even get motivated to read faster so you can make some time to read other books from your reading list. 

Spending time with your best friend is always a great thing to do. Especially with ones that you might not have time to see when the new academic year starts. Time flies so fast and with different obligations and distance between the colleges you go to there may be not enough time to spend quality time with your friends. 

Hosting a BBQ part or going together on a festival will make the separation way easier and you’ll have memories to look back at when you finally meet again. It’s really important to take care of the relationships in our lives. 

Going back to college can be a little bit overwhelming. With all the packing, moving and actually preparing mentally and physically for the new year you may overlook something important and you definitely don’t won’t to do that. Especially if it’s your first year at college. Making list for the things you need to take with you and what you need for the classes will make your life so much easier. 

Try to do this at least two weeks before the beginning of the college as that way you can remember some other things you might need and write them down. There is nothing worse than remembering that you forgot something when you’re on your way to dorm room or college. 

What do you want to do before the new college and school year? 
When are you going back? 

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