Starting Your Day Right

Friday, August 11, 2017

As I get older I get to appreciate mornings much more. I realized how important they are as they can either make your day amazing on kind of lousy. I have so much more time to focus on all the things that I want and love to do. I want to share with you how I start my day. 

I need to admit that whit this one sometimes I had so much trouble whit. On some mornings all you want to do is lay in...but that's only acceptable on Sundays. Trust me you'll feel guilty for not taking advantage of your morning properly. There is so many productive things you could do if you wake up just one hour earlier than usually. You could finish that book you've been reading, start practicing Yoga or just go for a walk and maybe catch a sunrise. Just say no and you'll open the door for so many amazing things. 

Focus on this moment and be happy as you've just beaten your alarm. This is the great time to maybe set some goals you won't to achieve. They doesn't need to be super hard or intense. Just little things that will make your day meaningful and something you'll be happy to tick of your to do list. But don't get too caught up on your list. If you don't manage to do something that's okay. It's important that you tried and that at the end of the day you feel satisfied. 

Lemon water definitely helps me to get more energy and to wake up my metabolism. It's so refreshing and makes me hydrated. I try to have it every morning and make it a habit as it's proven that lemon water is very beneficial for your overall health. It's a simple way to detox your body and immediately get rid of any toxins from your sistem. I like to drink it while I'm making my breakfast. 

We all know how important breakfast is but we somehow tend to ignore it. Breakfast should be a priority. But not just grab and leave kind of breakfast. Every breakfast should be a king kind of one. Take time to think about what you want to eat and make it yourself. It's a great way to take care of yourself and start the day properly. Don't rush it. Just enjoy it.  I like to go with eggs as they make me full and ready for the busy or not so busy morning ahead of me. 

The first thing you probably do is checking your phone. I totally get it I did and sometimes still do the same. Some habits are hard to break. Although going through twitter and instagram includes reading I'm thinking about different kind of reading material. Maybe you like to read newspapers, magazine or even blog posts while eating breakfast and this is definitely something I think is great. I usually try to read at least 10 pages of a book and go through blog posts from my favorite bloggers. 

How do you start your day? 
Do you have any rituals? 

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