Indie Playlist That Brings Out All The Feels

Monday, August 14, 2017


I honestly believe that music has such a big power. In some way music shapes us as a person. I don't think that there has been day in my life without music. I like to have it as a background when I'm doing things as it puts me in such a good mood. 

I don't actually follow what other people listen. It can be the biggest hit of all times but if I don't like it I won't listen to it. When I listen to music I try to really listen to, to every lyric and tone. If certain song doesn't spark that feeling in me then I don't listen to it. When I really love a song I'll listen to it over and over again until I can't hear it anymore. hehe That's the reason why I don't have my all time favorite song. 

Indie music is something I've always been leaning towards to. The rhythm and lyrics are so beautiful and they really do make me feel all the feels. I've discovered this YouTube account  called Indie Air and it has some of the most beautiful songs on there. I decided to make a playlist of my favorites one. It's perfect for traveling, when you just want to think, relax or just feel. Some of them are so sad and they really make you think about life and another ones just bring the biggest smile to my face. 


What kind of music do you like to listen to? 

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