Long-Distance Relationship With Your Bestfriend

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

When you think about long-distance relationship you probably first think about long- distance relationship between couples. I wanted to talk about other kind that I don’t think lot of people think about. It’s the long-distance relationship between best friends. I’m sure that some of you experienced it and know how hard it can be but it’s definitely not impossible.

Community is the key of every relationship and it’s no different with friendship. Texting every day and having a phone calls once in a while is always very important. Nowadays it’s definitely easier to keep in touch then in the past. Having face time dates is the best thing ever. It’s so much better when you can actually see each other as texts can sometimes be too distant and you can’t actually know how the other person is feeling. 

Sharing fun but also hard things with your best friend will make your friendship even stronger. When you communicate try to get the feeling like you’re right next to each other as it will make the whole experience so much easier. 


Although you may be hundreds of kilometers away and different things are happening in your lives you steel need to be interested and involved in those things as much as you can. We can sometimes get too distracted with our own life and forget to ask or think about what is going in our best friends life. Always ask each other to tell what happened in your day and if something exciting is in the horizons. That way you can actually be present in her life and be happy for her. 

Try to remember when the exciting but also scary things are happening in her life so you can be there for her and wish her like. It will definitely mean a lot to her and that’s what the real friendship is about. 

Planning in advance when you can have a face time dates or in person ones is crucial. I’m sure that your scheduled can get pretty hectic so actually writing down and setting the date and time is something you need to do. Don’t leave it for the last minute as other things may take that free time that should be reserved for your best friend. When you make it official and you both can make it to the scheduled hangout you’ll have something to look forward to. 

You can together plan how are you going to seize the day and what fun things you want to do together. Even the process of planning is amazing so you already know that the actual hangout is going to be even better.

Are you in long-distance relationship with your best friend? 
Do you have any tips on how to make it easier? 

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