Christmas Traditions From All Around The World #1

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Learning about different cultures and their traditions is something that we can all benefit from. Christmas is one of the holidays that almost everyone it the world is celebrating in one way or another. It varies from continent to continent, country to country and family to family. Most countries have a few native traditions that are unique just to them. I asked few of my blogging friends to share them with us. 

"Latvians usually celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, the 24th of December. That is the date when most families come around the Christmas tree, spend time together and open presents. Yup, we open presents in the Evening. So this is the classical way of celebrating Christmas. Some families go to Church on Christmas Eve or Christmas day. Then there are folklore groups that organize Christmas celebrations the traditional way – how our ancestors did. I think families at home themselves usually don’t celebrate Christmas the traditional way, but people attend these kinds of events, where they can participate in traditional Christmas Evening. The old Latvian traditions have become very trendy these past years, not just for Christmas but for Summer solstice and other traditional Latvian celebrations. 

Aside from gift-giving on Christmas Eve, a lot of families might have a similar table setting. Quite traditional Christmas meal foods include stewed sauerkraut, boiled potatoes, some kind of meat and gray peas. And most likely a lot of people will have rasol (salad with potatoes, pickles, boiled carrots, eggs, onion, sometimes meat with sour cream and mayonnaise). Rasol is a more "modern" food that all Latvians know, but it was more popular in parties and celebrations within our parents' generation. Of course people will add more modern options to their meal and everything else they want. :)

My favourite Christmas tradition or activity is singing by the piano. :) I think it sets the mood quite nicely and singing is fun. ;) I also love that at Christmas time the family comes together and we have an Evening together. Even though my family, we don’t do anything crazy or WOW, it is nice just to be together with people you love." - Madara from Looking For Smile 


"Christmas in Malta has a strong religious meaning and the holiday is very much centred around the birth of baby Jesus. 

A Maltese tradition that is unique is that of the Christmas Eve procession. On Christmas Eve, every village and town in Malta holds a procession. During the procession, a statue of baby Jesus is paraded through the decorated streets and people of all ages join in, hold lit up lanterns and sing Christmas carols together. A sweet traditional Maltese song is "Ninni La Tibkix Izjed" which translates to sleep and cry no more. 

The tradition of this procession was started in 1921 by a priest, now saint, St. George Preca. After the procession, many go home and get ready for the midnight mass that takes place at the church. Traditionally after the mass, the children were giving their presents delivered by Father Christmas. In Malta we love to make “qaghaq tal-ghasel” which translate to honey rings. They are pastry rings filled with treacle, citrus flavors and lots of spices like aniseed, nutmeg and cinnamon. They are delicious and usually eaten with tea or coffee during the Christmas period. " Sarah from What Sarah Writes 

Hope you enjoyed learning about these traditions. Thank you to Madara and Sarah for sharing them with us. Check out their blogs and all social medias. 

What's your favorite Christmas tradition? 

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  1. Hi, I love how traditions vary all around the world and within the same country. One of the strangest things that I noted when in America was no Christmas crackers.