Being Productive Even During Holidays? Yes Please!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

I’m sure that as soon as December is here we all go into the holiday mood. It’s like there is nothing else than Christmas. Having to constantly go back in reality where work, school, college and other obligations still exist can’t be quite hard. We all want to enjoy Christmas through the fullest and we can but after we get those important things done. 

As soon as you got the task just start doing it immediately. That way your brain will already know what you need to do and you’ll do it much quicker. Waiting and postponing won’t do you any good as you’ll end up forgetting about it. Later some other things may appear and you won’t have time to finish it and it’ll lead to just getting stressed out. You’ll just want to get done with the tasks and it won’t be as quality as it could be if you started earlier. Make a list with most important assignments and try to set a time in which you’ll get them done. 

Try to focus on one task at the time because you’ll do it better as your energy will be shifted in the right direction. When you first finish harder and more important tasks you’ll have time to do the ones that are less time consuming and maybe even more enjoyable. 

Getting motivated to actually be productive while other may enjoy their holidays can be quite hard. Sometimes the Christmas joy can work negative on you as you’ll try to avoid your tasks and have fun. Sooner or later you’ll have to get those important things done so why wouldn’t you take that festive feeling to get motivated. When you write down list of things you need to do on the other side write what you want to do after you finish them. Think about how you’ll be able to go outside with friends or have a lovely time with your family. Try to visual that time and use it as a motivation. 

You need to be strong minded as this can lead you to leave everything and just immediately go for the fun part. To not get there you can also write why you are doing the task you have. How it will benefit you in the future? 

Working towards something is always easier. Setting yourself a physical award can make you work harder, quicker and efficient. Rewarding yourself with a cup of hot chocolate after you finish the assignment or with your favorite movie after you go through that long chapter for your class is a great way to make working less boring. It’s a great solution for making yourself productive but also in the positive mood. You’ll be looking forward to finish your task as the great reward is waiting for you. Of course the award doesn’t need to be anything big. As long as it’s making you productive and hard working it’s good. 

But don’t cheat. The point is to trick your mind so that after some time it’ll become a routine and reward as just 5 minutes of scrolling through Instagram will be a great satisfaction after finishing a hard task. 

How do you stay productive during holidays? 

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