Helping Those Who Struggle During Holidays

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Christmas indeed is a very happy and joyful time when we should all feel gratefully and warm. However it’s not the case for everybody. There is so many people out there who can’t experience Christmas like most of us can. Christmas is all about giving and making people happy so we should do it together. 

Sometimes just the most simple and sincere acts of kindness can make a someone’s days so much better and brighter. If you know someone who suffers from depression, anxiety or any other mental illness be sure to help them. Just talking with them and showing that you care can mean a world to them. It’ll take only a few minutes of your day and in return you’re going to make someone you care about happy. If that someone is really close to you then you know what will make them feel better so plan a little trip to Christmas market or go together on a evening walk. 

You’re company will make them feel safer and peaceful. If you can’t meet them in person be sure to text or call them to check up on them. Invite them over to your place and watch a movie together or have a paper night. 

Nothing breaks my heart more than thinking about elderly spending holidays alone. If you have grandparents that live alone try to visit them at least once during holidays. Just think how happy you’ll make them. They are the ones that we should learn from and take care of the most. If you have an older neighbor, stop by and say hey. Check on them as in the winter days they can easily get sick and lonely. There are also nursing homes that look for volunteers who would talk to elderly, maybe play some games with them or just make them a company. We should try to do it all over the year but especially at holiday’s season as it can get hard for them. 

Just being with someone and talking about their younger days can be also beneficial for you as well. If you’re afraid that it’ll be awkward or strange don’t be. Once you start talking it’ll go naturally.

It is well know that the Christmas it time of giving. It’s usually inside the family and friend circle which is beautiful but maybe we should make that circle a little bit wider. As it’s the end of the year why wouldn’t you make a clear out of your wardrobe, cabinets or beauty supplies? Putting things you don’t currently need and giving them to charity is very commendable. As the quote says “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” That’s so true and we should all think about it whenever we want to throw something away. There are so many shelters that need help with food, clothes and hygiene supplies. This time of the year most stores have a cart in which you can put something for those who need it. It doesn’t need to be anything expensive or a truck of things. 

Buying milk, bread or just soap and giving it to charity is enough. The thought and action is what is most important. There are a lot of different organizations that need money to work better and help more people out.  If we all give something it’ll grow and we’ll help a lot of people in need.

How do you help those in need? 

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