How To Spend A Lazy Winter Day In

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Some days are meant to be spent in the warmth of your home. There are a lot of those days in the winter months. Especially in December as in my opinion it’s one of the coziest months. Who doesn’t like to just stay at home while it’s snowing outside and do all the things that they enjoy? 

First of all if your environment isn’t cozy then you definitely aren’t going to be able to really take everything out of the cozy winter day in. As we are in December it’s officially appropriate to decorate your home for Christmas…although I’m sure that most of you did that already. Putting a soft blanket on the bed, lighting up a Christmas candle, putting up a fairy lights and making cute little diy’s is something that will bring that festive and jolly feeling to your home immediately. It’ll help you to feel relaxed and ready to have some fun times in your beautiful and warm home.

The whole process of decorating and arranging everything is for me so relaxing. I like to put on some Christmas songs or a whole playlist which gives it that extra happy and festive feeling. Decorating with family and friends is even better as you can share that happiness together and after all make it a nice memory or tradition. 

In my opinion winter days back then when we were just little children were the best. We knew how to spend freezing winter day in our home and have the best time ever. So why wouldn’t it be like that now too? Take a moment and really think what your younger self would do on this amazing day. Write down all of your favorite movies and cartoons that you absolutely loved to watch. Snuggle in your bed and start enjoying them once again, I’m sure that you’ll instantly feel like a child. If you loved to read then you definitely need to pick up your favorite Christmas books and dive into them.

Don’t know about you but I absolutely loved to make a paper snowflakes. They are so easy to make and look so pretty. You can put them on your window or hang them around your home. There are so many amazing and easy crafts you can do to make your home even warmer. 

Nothing can beat a smell of cookies or cakes that is spreading around the house. I’m sure that you have so many recipes you always wanted to make but never actually had time too. So why wouldn’t you do it now? You probably already have all the ingredients and all you need is to start. If you really enjoy baking you could go all out or if you don’t actually enjoy it that much just make some easy chocolate chip cookies or muffins. Whatever you make I’m sure it’ll end up amazing.

I find winter time to be the best for getting in the kitchen and experimenting with different recipes. As I really love to bake it makes me super relaxed and happy. I like how it makes the whole home warmer and I like to have cookie jar full although it doesn’t stay like that for long.

What do you like to do on a cozy winter day in? 
Are you excited for Christmas?


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