5 Interesting Things you should do alone this December

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Spending time with our loved ones is super important but sometimes we should have a fun time with just ourselves. Although spending time by yourself may sound lonely and boring it definitely doesn’t need to be that way if you decide to do the right things. And I don’t mean binge watching TV show or movies. There are so many other activities you can do and really enjoy and appreciate time alone.

PAINT, DRAW, SKETCH ~ When was the last time you actually draw something? It’s such an amazing way to let your creativity out. You don’t need be a professional painter to make a masterpiece. Just let your inner child out and remember how fun was it to just draw anything you like when you were younger. Dedicate one notebook for all your sketches and draws so that you can actually have everything in one place. If you’re actually quite good at it maybe you should give your drawings to your family and friends. It’s a very thoughtful and personal gift that I’m sure whoever gets it will absolutely love it. 

GO ON AN EVENING WALK ~ Who says that you can’t go on a walk in the evening by yourself? I think that evening walks through December are even better as everything is decorated and sparkly from all the fairy lights. If the snow is falling then you have a proper joyful evening all for yourself. Try to really be at the moment and soak everything in. It’s a great time to relax and don’t think about the everyday tasks and obligations. We tend to skip going outside in the Winter and just stay in our houses while missing the beauty of the nature in the Winter times. 

MAKE A GRATITUDE LIST ~ Being grateful in today’s world can get easily lost. We get caught in the life we live and the things we own and take them from granted. Sometimes we focus too much on material and temporary things and forget about more important things in our life as health, love, family, friends… Take some time to really think about all the things you’ve been grateful for this day, month or even a year. Reflect and give gratitude to those who has made your life even better. 

FIND A NEW HOBBY ~ We can get quite lazy in the winter months. When was the last time you tried out something new? There are a lot of outdoor things you could try as learning how to ice skate, ski or snowboard. You can also try out some workshops and learn how to make Christmas decorations. There is so many things you could do in your own home and learn from the internet. Maybe there is a language you won’t to learn or improve. There are a lot of free courses and YouTube videos on everything your mind can think of so use it wisely. 

TRY OUT NEW RECIPE ~ There are so many cookbooks out during December as the big day is coming really soon. From traditional, modern, easy, advance, gluten free, vegan… there is so many options. The best of all if you don’t want to buy a cookbook you can find everything on internet. If you’re bored of doing the same recipes over and over again or if you just enjoy trying out new recipes than this is something you should definitely do. Put on some Christmas tunes and start baking and cooking. 

What do you like to do alone? 
Do you find it hard to do things by yourself? 

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