You don't feel joyful? Neither did I!

Friday, December 8, 2017

“Do you feel festive?” I’m sure you asked yourself or somebody asked you that question a thousand times till now. The belief that we all feel and should the same way of festive and joyful around Christmas time became common. It’s as you should feel guilty if you don’t feel that way. Although nobody will say that to you it’s definitely something you can feel in the air.

In the past I used to feel sad and disappointed if I didn't feel festive the same time as the other people did. It made even sadder because I love Christmas so much and if I didn't feel the certain way it felt like missed out. I came to realization that as with everything else, we are all different in this aspect of our lives as well. 

As soon as the November begins you can see the C word as know as Christmas creeping in. Christmas is such a happy and joyful time that I’m sure everybody wants to last for the entire year. You can feel the pressure to feel Christmassy and joyful all the time which just isn’t possible. We feel pressured to decorate our home, listen to only Christmas songs, and watch Christmas movies and so on. It feels like we should all think only about Christmas which would in an ideal world be incredible. But putting that kind of pressure can ruin the whole Christmas feeling. It’s completely normal to not feel festive when you have a lot of things going on in your life.

Although Christmas is coming it doesn’t means that all of our other obligations can go away. Some people just don’t have the opportunity to start the Christmas joy early and some do and that’s completely fine. Don’t fall under the idea that we all need to do and feel the certain things at the same time. 

If you scroll through Instagram you can be sure to stumble upon at least 10 Christmassy photos. And not just any photo but the most aesthetic ones. As amazing as social medias can be the worst thing that it brings in us is comparison. It’s in our nature to want more and better and with seeing like other people already have that you might feel the jealousy. Social media can definitely sow that seed in your mind if you get caught in it. We tend to forget that social media and things that other people as well as us share is the high point of our day or life in general. It’s just a tiny part that we share while the huge one we keep private. Although that private part can be as amazing it can also be not so.

 So when you next see the beautiful photo of Christmas tree on Instagram don’t feel jealous. Try to be happy and thing about the day that you’re decorate your Christmas three and how joyful it’ll make you feel. 

I think that feeling joyful is something we should force and focus around other people. While somebody can feel Christmassy since the November someone else will start to feel it just few weeks or days before Christmas day. It's all normal and you shouldn't feel guilty or stressed out. 

Do you feel pressured to feel festive all the time? 
How do you get into the festive feeling? 

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