Decorating on the Budget? You can do it!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Who doesn't like to decorate their home for Christmas? It’s definitely one of the most fun but also quite stressful part of the holidays. Deciding where will the specific bubble, fairy light or garland go is the art on its own. That art can get quite expensive which may lead into frustration. But don’t worry there are other and much cheaper ways to make your home as beautiful as you want it to look. 

There is so many decorations for which you would spend fortunes if you buy them in stores that you can easily make yourself and I’m sure they’ll look even better. I know that some people may think homemade things may look cheap or tacky but trust me that doesn’t need to be the case. Making decorations is a great way to actually put meaning and love into your decorations and make your home beautiful with your own hands. It’s even better if you can do it with your whole family so they can bring their touch into the way the house is looking. Pinterest is absolutely amazing for finding ideas on what to make. 

There are some really gorgeous decorations that will look like you bought them from a store when you actually did it yourself. The best part is that all the materials you can find in your own home or in the nature. All you need is a little bit creativity and time. I’m sure that once you start making them you won’t stop. 

Desire to buy and own new thing is always present. We live in the society that is thought to always consume. It’s normal that you don’t have or don’t want to buy new decorations when you did it last year or year before. Working with what you have is also a skill not everybody have. Knowing how to make your house look beautiful but different isn’t as easy as it may seem. Putting some extra thoughts on how you can switch it out with the decorations you already have is always great. You may find new ways to decorate your Christmas tree or hot to put a fairy lights on. If you prefer to make your house look the same every year that’s great too. We all have different taste. 

This can also mean that you can spend that money you saved from not buying new decorations on other, more important things. Sometimes that’s more important than the way your house will look. 

It’s crazy how many people have wrong image on thrift or second hand shops. I guess that the idea of somebody else owning the item in the past is weird to them and unpleasant. This definitely shouldn’t be the case. It’s absolutely amazing how many incredible things you can find that are so cheap. Some items may even be brand new and cost so much less than in the stores. One of the benefits of thrift shops is that you can find some really unique pieces that will make your home look so much more warm, prettier and cozy. You are giving a new home to the decoration which would in other case been thrown away. If you just have your eyes open you’ll definitely find beautiful decorations.

I definitely think that nobody should feel ashamed to go thrift shopping as it doesn’t mean that you’re poor or that you can’t afford new things. It just means that you know the value of things and that having few unique pieces is better that buying a bunch of new and meaningless ones.

Do you like to make decorations or do you just buy them? 
Have you ever been thrift shopping? 

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