Most Important Winter Beauty Hacks

Monday, December 11, 2017

Taking care of your skin throughout the whole year is very important. Every season is different and it affects our skin in a different ways. Winter can sometimes be the cruelest one as the cold air and wind can really damage it quickly. Here are three of most important winter beauty tips to help your skin. 

To really get all the benefits of moisturizing your skin you need to know which type of skin do you have. It’s commonly misunderstood that oily skin type should moisturize as it’ll get their skin even more oily. It’s definitely not the truth; in fact some moisturizers can actually help you to have less oily skin. Maybe you should try a gel-cream moisturizer as it may work better than the regular one. For dry skin it’s necessary to moisturize your skin daily. It can repair itchy, dry and irritated skin. It’s very important to apply moisturizer before you go to bed. Include it into your evening skin care routine. I’ll make your skin even more hydrated. 

In the winter months it’s important to moisturize even more often than in the summer. Yu should try to switch to more heavy moisturizers. There are definitely a lot of them out there so if you didn’t already, you should try to find the perfect one for your skin type. 

When was the last time you exfoliated? Exfoliating tend to be the one step of any kind of skincare routine that most of the people skip or think that it isn’t important. Although the whole process can get quite boring it’s actually very beneficial for your skin. In the Winter months our skin can easily get dry and because of the cold air it leads to dead skin cells. With exfoliating you’re getting rid of that dead skin which is closing your pores and making you look older. It’ll give you a nice soft and glowing skin. If you suffer from breakouts and acne maybe because you’re missing this step your skin can’t get better. Taking time to have a deep exfoliation can un-clog your pores from all the oils and dirt. 

Without exfoliation other steps in your skin care routine can’t be as beneficial. Because your pores are clogged the moisturizer can’t fully get into every part of your skin and make it hydrated. 

We usually just stick at caring for our skin from the outside. We don’t think about things we eat and drink that may make our skin look bad. In the Winter times it’s in our nature to want to eat more. Especially as the Christmas is around the corner and all the delicious dishes are waiting for us. As hard as it can be we still need to think about what we’re eating as it can make our whole body but also skin feel awful. It’s even harder as the most of the vegetables and fruits are out of the season. But there are some ways you can still eat and drink healthy. Holidays can be a great opportunity to have a glass of alcohol. Although a glass once in a while won’t do you much harm, drinking it every day will dry out your skin. 

The perfect drink for the holidays is a cup of tea. Caffeine in the tea can protect your skin from aging and moisturize your skin from the inside. Including carrots, spinach, broccoli, eggs and sea food into your diet can help your skin a whole lot. 

How do you take care of your skin in the Winter months? 

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  1. Hi, Eating and drinking healthy can make a big impact in your skin. It is often overlooked though.