5 Things That Will Heal Your Soul Around This Time Of The Year

Sunday, September 13, 2020

We are approaching Autumn, and while some are excited for all that Autumn brings, some may feel sad because the warm and sunny summer months are behind us. Rainy days are ahead of us, and thinking about that can make us not so happy for what is to come. This is the post for all of you who need a little help to find comfort in cold and dark Autumn and Winter days. There is much to look forward to. Here are just a few of those things. 

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Nothing makes our soul dance as much as the wholesome homemade food characteristic for Autumn time. Some of the best recipes are made in Autumn and Wintertime, and we are not complaining about it. There are so many easy yet delicious recipes you can easily make. Bake apple pie and enjoy the scent of it spreading through your home. Snuggle up in your bed with a good old cup of hot chocolate while snacking on peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Don't forget pumpkin-spiced latte or wholesome chicken soup. Make your and your families rainy days sweeter by baking old but also trying out the new unique recipes. 


Every season is beautiful in their own way, and it is not any different for Autumn. Go on a long walk and notice how the colors of the leaves are changing as the days pass. Each of them is getting a new shade that can only be seen at this time of the year. When you change a perspective, you can see that Autumn isn't only cold, dark, and rainy, it is also colorful, warm, and shiny. You are probably living in a place with the most beautiful Autumn landscape or cityscape without even noticing. Don't miss out on the stunning show Autumn brings each year. 


Although for most of us, our first thought on a rainy day is that we don't want to leave our bed. Well, that thought is getting us away from a calm and unique stroll. There is something so relaxing rainy days radiate. Raindrops have the power to make us daze off and daydream. The walk is always a great way to clear your mind and get your thoughts together. Together with the calming sounds of rain, it may be the therapy session we all need once in a while. Don't be afraid to go outside on a rainy day, even if that means getting a little bit wet. 


Most likely, one of the best ways to heal our souls and feel connected to others is by letting them know what they truly mean to us. Sometimes it can be hard to say those things in person, and texting doesn't always carry over our intention. Why not go old-fashioned? Don't overthink it; simply grab a piece of paper and pen, and write a letter to people you care about. Autumn is the time of thanksgiving, and what a better way to do it then sending them a handwritten note. Opening up in such a profound and memorable way. It may be hard at first, but after a few letters, it will get easier. Be sure to keep in mind that it doesn't need to be perfect at all, it only needs to be written from the bottom of your heart, and that is perfection at its best. 


Sometimes our soul needs to travel, and I'm sure the body is all up for that. With the current situation, it's been hard to travel. Although it may seem challenging, it is still not impossible. Why not look at the places nearby you can go on a weekend getaway to. Wouldn't it be so lovely to go to a cozy cottage in the woods, experience the Autumn in the countryside, or go camping/glamping? A weekend getaway might be precisely what you need to heal your soul around this time of the year. In case you don't know where to look, I recommend checking Booking.com as they have some fantastic accommodations simple to book. 

How do you feel about colder months approaching? 

What makes your soul heal? 

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