Top 5 Chinese Drama To Binge-Watch This Autumn

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

If you are scrolling through Netflix, annoyed at the TV shows they offer, you might want to start breaching out. There are so many amazing non-American TV shows out there you need to check out. If you think the language will turn you off from watching, trust me, that won't be the case. Once you dive into Chinese drama, there is no coming back. Whether you are new to Chinese drama or an old lover, here are 5 Chinese dramas you need to binge-watch this Autumn. 

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Dating In The Kitchen is a new Chinese drama still airing. It is 45 minutes long and is aired from September 15 until September 29. You still have a chance to binge-watch 14 episodes until the new ones are released. This drama follows young female chef Gu Sheng Nan and CEO Lu Jin. Gu Sheng Nan works in a Zijing Hotel, which Lu Jin wanted to condemn. After trying many different dishes from the hotel's chefs, there was only one he likes, and that was a dish made by Gu Sheng Nan. Their funny and sweet accidents made them bond. This drama is funny, romantic, and breathtaking. This might be the best Chinese drama I've ever watched, and that is coming from someone who watched a fair share of them. Although Dating In The Kitchen is still airing, the actors and the production did a great job capturing the watcher's attention and wanting more after every episode.  

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#2 GO AHEAD (2020) 

This drama follows the story of three young adults from their childhood years. They are not blood-related, but they do treat each other as family. The eldest brother Ling Xiao, second brother Zi Qiu and the youngest sister Li Jian have a special bond. They are all growing in what you would call a dysfunctional household, but with each other help, they go through life until they go to a different path and reunite 9 years later. This drama shows the importance of family that is blood-related and the importance of the people who are just like family and sometimes even more. Following the main characters' inner thoughts and emotions help the watcher to really emphasize with their struggles. 

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#3 LE COUP DE FOUDRE (2019) 

Le Coup De Foudre is one drama that made me fall in love with the production and storytelling of Chinese dramas in general. This is an adaptation of a book inspired by real events. In the center of this drama are Zhao Qiao Yi and Yan Mo. The drama starts with them being high school classmates who shared a desk. Yan Mo is a top student, and Zhao Qiao Yi is not so good at school. Although entirely different, they start to get fond of each other. Life gets in the way, and they go apart. After four years, they are reunited, but things don't go as smoothly as one would imagine. With a lot of ups and downs, this drama showcases what true love is all about. 

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Love Designer is a drama about fashion designer Zhou Fang and e-commerce industry man Song Lin. Their first meeting wasn't successful, as well as the second one. The second time they meet is because of the lawsuit. Zhou Fang and Song Li both have strong personalities, which result in a lot of conflict and misunderstanding. As they got to know each other better, they start to fall in love. Even in love, they both go through ups and downs in their professional and romantic lives. The actors did a great job portraiting the characters and making it easy to relate to. It portraits both lead female and male characters as strong individuality that can achieve what they want without needing to bring each other down. 

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Put Your Head On My Shoulder is very easy to follow and dive deep in kind of drama. Following two college students soon to graduate. Situ Mo is an accounting major struggling to find her way and make a career. Gu Weiyi is a physics major, significantly lead my logic and science. They end up meeting as both of their school districts have merged. Because of their different personalities, they have a lot of misunderstanding but solving them makes Gu Weiyi and Situ Mo grow fond of each other. Due to some things life threw at them, they end up living together. This drama shows the struggles young adults need to deal with. Put Your Head On My Shoulder brings a sense of release as you notice that things you are going through or went through are all a part of growing up. 

All of these dramas have English subtitles so you'll have no problem understanding. If you are still indecisive and skeptical I recommend you to just pick any of these 5 dramas that sound the most interesting to you and turn the first episode on. 

Have you ever watched any Chinese drama? 

Which one of these sounds the most interesting to you? 

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