6 Simple Ways To Improve Your Mood When You Feel Down

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

There are some days when we are not feeling our best. Those kinds of days, although annoying, are entirely typical. With everything going on in the world, it is not strange that we are feeling overwhelmed and uncertain. In those kinds of moments, what we need the most is something to boost our mood and make us feel happy again. Getting back to our old selves doesn't need to be so hard. Here are some simple ways that will help you improve your mood when you are feeling down. 



Sometimes nature can be the best mood booster. If you are working from home or spending a lot of time in your home, then you may feel down because you've been spending too much time indoors. It is easy to forget the importance of getting outside and breathing in the fresh air. Putting on sneakers and getting out might be exactly what you need to get in a better mood. Going on a long walk in the park or driving away to go hiking are both great to take your mind off things that are making you feel not so great. 


Social media has a significant impact on our mental and physical health. It is easy to get lost in it and all the negativity that circles around it. We can get overwhelmed by all the information we are flooded with every second. Going offline might be precisely what you need to get back to your happy and cheerful self. There are so many amazing things we miss because of the influence of social media. Taking just 30 conscious minutes off, social media will improve your mood drastically. 


Music has such a significant impact on our mood. It is often the case that when we feel down, we like to listen to sad music. There is scientific proof behind that. When we listen to sad music, we feel like we are not alone. So if you are feeling down, don't force yourself to listen to happy songs. Put on the playlist that will help you get better sooner, even if you cry while listening to it. The right music can help you get out of the bad mood faster, so choose your playlist wisely. 


The place we live in can really change the way we feel. Being surrounded by clutter and mess may be one of the reasons why you are not feeling yourself. Don't you just think like your mind is a mess when you don't have things organized? Well, now is the time to look around yourself, and if your space is a complete mess, you know what you got to do. Take a few minutes to place things where they belong. If you want to take it a step furder, then dive into a world of feng shui. 


It is easy to push down emotions and thoughts that are not present. Often the result of ignoring those thoughts is feeling down and unenergetic. Even talking it out can not work entirely as sometimes we censure ourselves in front of others. This is where the journal comes in handy. Writing down what you feel and think can help you get through it waster and with that be in a better mood. You don't need an expensive journal or any fancy prompts. Just taking a simple notebook or a piece of paper is enough. If you don't want to create any waist, then you can type it on your smartphone or laptop. The key is that you write down without trying to censure yourself. 


Taking to our loved ones is what we all sometimes need to make us feel better. There are some people that we just can't help but immediately feel better as we see them or hear their voices. On days when you feel down and have negative thoughts, voice call, or video call your best friend or a family member, you know will make you feel much better. I'm sure that they will be happy to chat with you as well.  

How do you make yourself feel better? 

Do you struggle with boosting your mood? 

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