3 Simple Steps That Will Transform Your Skin

Sunday, September 20, 2020

10 step Korean skincare probably has many benefits for your skin but realistically speaking, how many of us can actually stick to it. Skincare is something personal, things that work for one person, doesn't for another. While it may seem logical to try out the most luxurious brands and skincare routines, sometimes, it all comes down to simplicity. For healthy and clear skin, it is essential to have the right foundation. That foundation, most of the time, doesn't even include any of the skincare products. 

What your skin needs is nourishment from the outside but also from the inside. Try out these 3 simple steps and witness your skin changing for the better. This might not work magically for everybody, but if you make it a habit, you will definitely see a positive change as small or as big as possible. 




When it comes to skincare, most of us think about different skincare products. What we tend to forget are other ways that we can help our skin get healthier. Drinking lemon water is one of them.  How many of you drink lemon water every morning on an empty stomach? I'm sure that you've heard about all the benefits that lemon water has on your digestive system, but did you know how helpful it is for your skin. Lemon water can help balance your body help reduce any inflammation that can occur inside and outside of your body. Drinking at least 2L of water every day keeps our skin hydrated. 

When you add lemon to your first glass of water, your skin will look radiant and fresh. Lemon will help your skin to look even in firmness and texture as it helps to provide collagen. Citric acid will help you treat mild acne, milia, and brown spots. Dermatologists advise to not apply lemon juice directly to your skin as it can cause scarring and inflammation. It is best to replace this method with a glass of lemon water every morning and, if you prefer, more during the day. I personally saw such a big difference in my skin after I made drinking lemon water each day a habit. 


I know that it might sound silly to make your own face masks when you can easily buy them in drugstores. There is one big difference between homemade and drugstore face masks. With homemade masks, you can be entirely sure that what you are applying on your face is 100% organic and natural. Drugstore face masks may claim to be organic, but they probably are not as clean as you make yourself. Another reason to start applying homemade masks is that they are super easy to make, and most of the time, you will need max 3 ingredients you already have in your home. 

Drugstore face masks can be quite pricy, and that itself is a good enough reason to start making your own face masks. I don't advise to stop buying face masks; I just recommend trying homemade ones once in a while. I have a few easy masks and pilings recipe you can try. It is incredible how many benefits they have for your skin and how accessible they are. Every day you can try a different one that is targeting the skincare problem you have. As with any other skincare product, you need to apply them for some time to start seeing the difference. 


How many of you use a towel to remove excess water from your face? Although you might think that there is nothing wrong with that, this might be the one thing that is making your skin irritated. When you use a towel to remove the water, you can put bacteria from the towel to your face. Even if you use a different towel for your face and other parts of your body.  If you are entirely shocked by this, don't worry, I was too. Who would've known that something we've been doing almost our whole life can cause skincare problems? 

Not only that, but bacteria can also come inside our pores and make our face breakout, rubbing motion we do to dry our face can damage our skin. The next time you wash your face, instead of reaching for a towel, gently tap your skin. Although this process might take longer, it actually has a few benefits for your skin. With tapping the water inside your skin, it will get more moisturized and hydrated. You will notice that your skin has a glow and freshness it didn't have before.  

Do you have some skincare tips? 

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