Do you have TV in your bedroom?You Should Kick It Out!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Your bedroom should be an oasis of relaxation and sleep. Having TV in the room may have few benefits but trust me when I say that there are far more negative things about it. Kicking out TV from your bedroom is such a small change but will have such a big impact on your life. It was definitely the best decision I have eve made and I saw the results immediately. I decided to get rid of my TV when I was in High School as I realized that it only distracted me from my obligations. 

Nowadays in almost every household most of bedrooms have a TV. Maybe the reason you’ve been having bad night sleep and insomnia lays in the fact is exactly that. The light from TV has a big affect on your sleeping pattern. Even when it is off it radiates light that unconsciously disturbs you while you try to fall asleep. The things you watch before going to bed also have a big influence on your body and mind. While you watch action movies they make your adrenalin level higher which is making you stay awake longer. 

Even if you don’t have TV in your bedroom try to go to bed after spending at least half an hour without any technology. That means no phone, laptop, kindle or any other technology. I promise you that you will have such a better night sleep and feel more energized in the morning. Every room has its purpose and bedroom is meant for sleeping. I’m sure that you have TV in your living room because that’s exactly where it should be. 

I’m sure that your mind is very active right before you go to bet and TV really doesn’t help it. Everything that happened to us and things we watched during the day are stored in unconscious part of our mind. The best examples are dreams. Try to remember the last dream that you had and then think about what happened to you day before. You’ll see patterns of your real life transferring to your dreams. The scenes that you watched last can also be transmitted to your dreams and make you fall asleep much harder. Especially if thoes scenes were violent or scary as they can lead to nightmares. 

TV can also distract you from actually going to bed at the right time. You might want to watch one more episode of your favorite show and then end up watching the whole season because let’s be honest it’s more comfortable to lie down tucked up in your bed and watch it then from sofa. But when you get ready for bed and actually lay down you won’t have that temptation of turning on your TV because your bed will make you want to immediately fall asleep. 

Replace TV with books. Sometimes even the biggest book worm’s fall under the influence of choosing to watch TV shows in their bed rather than diving into a book that they’ve wanted to read for so long. I think that you can definitely relate to this because I for sure can. Sometimes it is much easier to just watch that reality show or movie as you don’t need to think as much as when you’re reading a book. If you have a reading list as long as your arm then getting rid of the TV is going to be the best decision you ever made. Reading bedtime stories to kids isn’t for nothing. 

Reading before bed is a great way to prepare your body and mind for sleep and reduce stress. It will make you calmer and more tired but in a good way. If you ever feel like you struggle to fall asleep then have a book on your bedside tables and try to read a few pages. It will immediately be so much easier for you to fall asleep. Dedicating this time for books will make you read so much more and actually help you with your concentration and creativity.

Do you have TV in your bedroom? 
Are you willing to kick it out? 

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