Make Your Home More Inviting With Few Simple Tweaks

Monday, April 9, 2018

For most of us home is a place when we feel the most relaxed and happy. It’s the place where we spend time alone but also with our family and friends. If that place doesn’t make you feel comfortable and inviting then you should definitely try to figure out what’s missing. There are a lot of ways to really get the best out of every room in your home and most of them are so easy and fun to do. I believe that most of you enjoy a good interior design and know a lot more about it than me. However I wanted to share with you how I like to make my home feel much cozier. 

Nothing makes a room more zen and relaxed than plants. Having plants around your home is actually very beneficial for your health as well. They purify the air and if you leave near the busy road they can help to reduce the noise. You can choose from so many different kinds of them. If you aren’t that good with keeping them alive than there are of course ones that you can easily take care of. For example cactus's and succulents are the perfect choices. I recommend you to search a little bit before you actually buy the plant and also ask someone who knows a lot about plants to help you. 

There’s really no point in buying a plant that will die in a few days because the environment that you put it in doesn’t suits it. Plants are great because you can easily fill the empty place with them and give any room a fresh vibe. My advice is to not put a lot of them in your bedroom as at night they use oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide. Having a fresh flower bouquet is also a great option if you don’t think that you have enough space for plants. There are some flower shops that deliver flowers to your home which is a great way to have a different bouquet every week. 

Having an unorganized shelf just doesn’t look or feel right. It doesn’t matter if it’s your kitchen, bedroom, living room or bathroom one. Most of us just use shelf as a place to put random things or things that you don’t know where else to put which is definitely not a purpose of the shelf. There are a lot of different methods of styling your them. The ones that I heard about are the triangle method, height method and group objects in three method. I’m sure that there are a lot of different ones that you might like better so I recommend you to search it on Pinterest or on YouTube. 

But the great start is to just remove everything from your shelf and start styling it like you want but without putting on the things that don’t belong there. The great way to hide those things is to put a little decorative box on your shelf and keep all those little things in there. Switching it up every once in a while will make your whole space look fresh and new. Shelves are something that we notice fast so taking some time to style it really shouldn’t be a problem. 

Walls take most of the surface in our home yet we tend to neglect them. Adding art pieces or your own photos is what will give your whole room another dimension. There are so many amazing art pieces out there that I’m sure would look just perfect on your wall. Photowall has a great options of canvases and murals from which you can choose. If you want to make your space warmer then you can have a photo shoot with your family or you can develop your old photos, frame them and hang on the wall. You can find some cute frames in almost every homeware shop. It’s a simple thing to do but can make your home look so much more beautiful. 

You can even go a step further if you are good at painting and drawing. Why wouldn’t you have your own exhibition in your home? If you have kids you can also frame their art pieces and hang in their room as that’s a great reminder of their creativity and childhood days. There a lot of printable arts on Pinterest that you can easily download, print, frame and display around your house. Some of them are so cute and inspirational. Having different quotes on your walls can make you feel motivated every time you see them.

How do you make your home cozy and warm? 

Do you like interior design? 

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