Boost Your Immune System With These Natural Remedies

Monday, April 2, 2018

Weather changes have a big impact on our body and health. More so in this transitional period when we can definitely feel those changes intensified. It’s so easy to catch a cold, virus or, even worse, flue. Health is definitely one of the most important things and knowing the ways to keep it in check without consuming any antibiotics or any other chemicals is always amazing. I want to share with you few of the best natural remedies that will keep your immune system strong and ready to fight any virus or bacteria. 

It is well know how beneficial garlic is for your overall health. It has antibacterial properties which helps your body to fight any bacteria or virus that may attack it. It’s especially great to consume garlic in the flu season. For those who have high cholesterol or blood pressure this is definitely a great choice. I know that garlic can be quite repellent because of its strong smell and taste but if you put this aside and give it a try you will definitely see a big change. It is super simple and quick to prepare. You just need 2 to 3 cloves of garlic and preferably tablespoon of organic honey. 

Honey also has antibacterial properties and it will make it much more enjoyable to eat. Cut garlic in little pieces and leave it to say aside for 15 minutes. Then mix it with honey and eat it. It’s more beneficial to eat it on an empty stomach as it will remove all the toxins from your body. Try to consume it every day for at least a week to see impact. You are going to feel so much more energetic and healthier and won’t need to consume any supplements. 

I would say that propolis is a liquid gold among the natural remedies. It’s truly one product that you should reach for first if you have any health issue. Propolis is one of the incredible bee-derives that is amazing for pretty much anything but most of you probably don’t even consume it. You can buy it in pharmacies or some other stores that have bee-derives. If you have a cold or sore throat you can drop few drops in your tea or in the tablespoon of honey. It’s great to do so even if you don’t have cold to prevent it. Propolis has a specific taste to which you need to get used to. 

It’s quite bitter if you take it on its own but it’s much more enjoyable if you mix it with honey or add to tea. To boost your immune system you can drop few drops on a sugar cube and let it melt on your tongue. It kills bacteria, lowers your blood pressure, can help you treat bone diseases, allergies, kill colon cancer cells and so on. I definitely recommend you to try and find the organic one. It’s the best natural medicine you can consume to help your body. 

Some tea you drink because you enjoy their taste but some tea you drink because you know they will help you. Knowing the difference between two of them is important if you want to get healthy quicker. There is a lot of different tea flavors and here are some of the most beneficial ones. Lemon balm tea is amazing if you suffer from anxiety, sleep disorder or indigestion. Good night sleep is important if you want your body do be energized and strong enough to fight all the bacteria and viruses. Thyme tea prevents infections, boosts the immune system, it also reduces overall stress in your body. 

If you suffer from hey fewer you should make yourself a cup of nettle tea. It reduces the allergy symptoms. It would be the best if you could get your hands on a homemade ones or if you could pick and dry any of these tea’s yourself. That way you will be for sure that nothing is added and that it’s completely natural. Although tea is a natural remedy you still shouldn’t over consume it as that’s not good for your body. You can easily find on internet how much of each tea you can drink per day and stick to it. 

Do you use any of these remedies to boost your immune system? 

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