5 Things I've Been Loving Lately

Monday, May 14, 2018

Last few weeks I felt like I was a little bit lost in the way I want my blog to go and the things I want to write about. I took it way to serious and started to find it a choir and not a place where I can talk to you guys about my passions and let out my creativity. I was too caught up in numbers and SEO that I forgot why I even started it. I wanted to go back to the roots and write about the things that I’ve been really loving recently. I personally love to read those kind of posts and believe that lot of you enjoy them as well. 

Spending Time In Nature 
There is this big part of me that loves to be in the nature. I feel the most free when I’m in the forest or when I go for a big walk with my dogs. It’s been like this since I was a little girl as I would spend more time outside playing with my friends than actually being inside. Since I moved to the city for university I really started to appreciate my time in the nature more. I absolutely love Spring weather as it’s not too hot or too cold and the nature is in this amazing stage. Everything is so green and there are beautiful flowers at every corner. Even if I’m just outside for a half an hour I immediately feel so much better. Nature gives me energy and I feel like I can get my thoughts together when it’s just me and the nature. 

Joining Group Training's
I have a love hate relationship with working out. I don’t have a strong willpower when it comes to sticking to exercising. I noticed that working out in groups helps me to stay motivated and take care of my body more. I joined a gym in which I can attend different group trainings. From active body, body stiling, zumba, full body workout, abs and booty, pilates, zen yoga, etc. I love that I can attend any of them and really see what’s working best for me. I really want to get my body in shape not just to look good but also to feel good. I’m very excited to try out all of the trainings and try to fall in love with working out without even realizing that I’m working out. I think that is the key. I want to have fun and not feel like I’m tortured. 

Although Instagram is playing games at the moment and if we ignore that I’ve really loved it. Photography is a big love of mine and sharing them with you guys is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve been sticking to a theme again and I really like how it’s looking. If you were wondering I’m using VSCO filter HB1 to edit my photos. Another reason why I’ve been spending so much time on Instagram are definitely the amazing accounts that I follow. I’m a very visual person and I feel the most motivated when I see beautiful things others are creating or going through. I’ve found so many amazing accounts that make me want to work harder and be better at things that I love the most which is blogging. I’m always trying to find new accounts so be sure to tell me your favorite ones in the comments bellow. 

I’ve already mentioned exercising but for me Yoga is something totally different. I joined a dynamic Yoga class few months ago and it was really a life changing experience. I’ve tried to practice Yoga at home few years ago eith the help of Yoga With Adrien but I’ve always wanted to join a class. At the beginning of the year I finally did it. I’ve fall totally in love with it as I find it to be the perfect way to move my body without feeling dead after the class is over. As you already know, I’m not a big fan of intense exercises so when I realized that Yoga is the perfect choice for me I was so happy. I’m going to Yoga class two times a week. The class starts at 9pm and lasts till about half 11. I really like that it’s this late as I have quite a busy schedule in the morning and afternoon and every day is different for me so this time works perfectly. 

Going to new places and trying out new things is something I always try to do as much as I can. It can be hard with university and life obligations but I decided to make it work this year. I’ve been panning a few little trips with my friends but also family. The first big one happened on 12nd of May. It was a one day trip to Bled and Ljubljana in Slovenia with my friends. We planned this trip for a year because we just couldn’t find a day that works for all of us. Thankfully that Saturday was just perfect. I remembered again why I love to explore new places and learn about different countries and their history and culture. We are hopefully going to go on a few more of these trips later in the year and make some amazing memories together. 

What have you been loving lately? 

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