Best Photo Editing Apps & How I Edit Instagram Photos

Friday, April 6, 2018

World of photography got a whole new meaning when the Instagram and technology got on the scene. You can now take beautiful photos without any special equipment, edit them and share with the world in just a few minutes. With so many beautiful accounts standing out is something that can be quite hard. Knowing your theme and developing your own aesthetics isn’t something you can do overnight. 

My photo editing game completely changed when I discovered Snapseed. This app is absolutely incredible. I’m sure that most of you already use it but if you don’t download it immediately, it’s completely free. I was actually very surprised when I realized how amazing it is although it’s free because other apps don’t allow you to use certain settings without paying for them. For those of you who don’t feel comfortable with Photoshop this is the app you need to try. All the settings are so easy to use. You basically edit your photos whit sliding your finger left or right. 

I like that you can really focus on every detail while you edit without changing the whole photo. When I take a photo with my phone I tweak highlight, contrast and saturation. Then I sharpen the photo and brighten the background. I don’t go crazy as I don’t want to make it look fake, yet I want to emphasize the features. If I’m editing the photo for Instagram I immediately go and crop it to Instagram size. It makes it so much easier to edit. Snapseed also has filters. They are quite good although I don’t really use them. 

This is a very popular app that most of the Instagramers used at least once. If you want to maintain a theme then this app will be very helpful. It’s so popular because of its filters. There are a lot of them and they are pretty amazing. Of course not all of them are free but you can definitely find good ones among the ones that are free. When you choose a filter you like you can easily adjust the intensity of it by sliding to right or left. I really like this because some filters can be too strong and just don’t work with the image until you reduce it.

In the past I used F2 and HB1 or HB2. F2 is a filter that in my opinion has the best balance between light and contrast. I like how it makes a photo look little bit rustic. HB1 is similar but it’s brighter than the F2 while HB2 has a warmer pigment. Currently I don’t actually use any of them. I stopped when my phone got broken so I couldn’t publish photos from my phone. I may get back to it sometime soon and I’ll probably stick to HB2. 

I used to edit my blog post photos in PicMonkey which is such an amazing photo editing app. I used it since I started to blog. Unfortunately it stopped to be free so I decided to find a new app. I asked for recommendations on Twitter and someone mentioned BeFunky. I tried it and really liked it. I must say that it’s not as good as PicMonkey but it does its job. I tried Lightroom before but it’s too complicated for me. I want to learn how to use it the future but as I don’t have that much time right now it’ll need to wait. Since I don’t really edit photos for my blog that much BeFunky has all the settings I need.

It’s simple to use and to adjust any setting you want. I mostly focus on highlight, contrast, saturation and sharpen. I always recommend that you try to take your photos in the best possible light as that will make it so much easier to edit. If your photo has bad lighting you won’t be able to edit it as good because all those imperfections will show on the photo. If you are a beginner in photo editing then I definitely recommend you to try out this app. 

This is a desktop app that saved my life. As you probably already know I’ve been without my phone for more than a month. I wrote a post about it so if you’re curious you can check it out here. Basically I couldn’t publish photos from phone which meant that my Instagram would be dead in that period. Thankfully after searching for a little bit I stumbled upon this app. Gramblr is a desktop application that allows you to upload photos on Instagram. It’s very easy to download and it’s safe for your PC. You just need to log in your Instagram account over it and you can start. 

It looks similar to Instagram and it’s very easy to use it. So since I haven’t had my phone I would take a photo with my camera, transfer it on my laptop, edit it in BeFunky and then publish it on my Instagram through Gramblr. I actually realized how much better quality my photos were when I saw them on Instagram on phone and on my laptop. You can also edit your photo on it as well as write a caption. I still sometimes use it as I want to make my Instagram photos as better as I can.

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How do you edit your Instagram photos? 
Which apps do you use? 

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    Aviary is another product by and they offer a free online photo editor that you can use to edit and upload your photos right on their site. It is built as a mobile app so you can download the app and use it with your photos that you take on mobile devices, as well.
    It boasts plenty of filters and embellishments that you can add to your toolbox to create the best photos possible for your blogs or websites.
    Adobe offers Aviary to seamless integrate with their other photo editing programs such as PhotoShop and others so you can sign in with your Adobe ID to do more with your photos.