Rose Ointment! The Product Your Skin Is Looking For

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

After sharing with you all the benefits of Marigold ointment few months ago I decided to share introduce you to another amazing product. Rose has an important part in the beauty world for a long time. It’s been used in different areas of beauty and for different skincare products. Although most of the people on the thought of rose first think about its beautiful smell, that’s not all that rose can give. I’m sure that you all heard about all the great things rose water can do for your skin but I want to talk about rose ointment.

Because of its antibacterial properties and the power to kill the acne- causing bacteria rose ointment is a product you need to include in your daily skin care routine. We all know how annoying acne can be and how hard it is to treat them. Going for completely natural product will nourish your skin and prevent the acne from coming back. This is a great natural option for getting rid of those scars much faster. You’ll be sure that you are not using any harsh chemicals and that you are actually just helping your skin to fight with those scars. This also goes for any other kind of wounds, scars, scratches, etc. 

Apply thin layer of ointment on the area and leave it to work its magic. You should definitely do this at least two times a day as it is natural remedy. Don’t expect for those scars to disappear immediately. If you use it consistently you will definitely be able to see the difference after few weeks. If you have redness, irritation or any kind of skin problem rose ointment will help you as it’s very gentle and effective. Of course you can contact your dermatologist to see if it’s suitable for the problem you have.

Our skin is daily exposed to UV rays and the weather conditions that can damage your skin and make it age sooner. Starting a skincare routine at an early age, with natural product is something that everyone should do. Rose ointment contains vitamin C which feeds your skin and makes it regenerate. It can induce the collagen production which is very important as it makes your skin tighter and younger. If you have small wrinkles using rose ointment will help you to get rid of them. 

As the natural rose ointment is made with rose petals and olive oil it preserves the elasticity of the skin. It can stop the formation of the wrinkles on your skin. Keeping your skin hydrated is what will make it soft and smooth. This ointment works on any types of skin. It doesn’t matter if it’s oily, dry or combined. Because it is made with olive oil it’s best to use in the evening before you go to bed. If you use it in a thinner layer it will absorb faster. I definitely recommend you to start using it if you’re in your twenties to prevent wrinkles but also if you are older and want to reduce them from appearing. 


If you have roses in your garden you can pick few flowers. Carefully remove the petals from the stalk. Spread them on a surface and leave them to dry for 24 hours so that there is no more moisture in them. The next days put the petals in the jar and pour olive oil on them until all the petals are covered. Close the jar and put it in the sunny place. Shake it two times a day. After it’s been 30 days strain it through the clean cloth. 

Place the mixture in bowl and put 50ml olive oil and 6 grams of beeswax, and melt everything above the boiling water. It should get hotter than 70 degrees. When it’s all melted pour it into small container and leave it to cool down. After it’s cooled you can use your rose ointment. 

Have you ever tried rose ointment? 

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