People You Need To Get Out Of Your Life

Friday, April 13, 2018

The people you are surrounded with can have a big impact on your mental but also overall health. We are social beings and interaction with other people is very important. Although we talk to and meet new people almost every day not all of them we can call friends. Sometimes toxic people can find their way into your life without you even realizing. Those are the people that don’t actually care for you and only bring you bad energy. Here are three of those kind of people that you should consider getting out of your life.

Some people just can’t be happy for others. It’s just in their blood. They will probably make it seem like they are happy for you and proud of your achievements but deep inside they just feel sad because it is not them. You’ll start to get to notice that if you pay attention to their face expressions. Their smile isn’t completely honest and it will probably never be. The problem is when that jealousy started to get overboard and they got jealous at even smallest things, for example of your new bag, boyfriend or job. They don’t look at you as friend but as competitor. They simply want to be better than anybody else, you included. 

That kind of people make you don’t want to even share important things that are happening in your life because you know that their reaction isn’t going to be a sincere one. They’ll probably try to ignore your successes and try to make it meaningful. Friends who can be happy for you aren’t supposed to be called friends. You definitely don’t need that kind of people in your life. Real friendship means supporting each other through bad and good. To clarify, feeling proud of your friend but also feeling like you should also work harder to achieve your goals isn’t jealousy. It’s normal that you want to succeed as well. 

There’s nothing worse than being used by the people you care about. I’m sure that you met at least one of those kinds of person in your entire life. Those kinds of “friends” call you whenever they need something from you and they don’t accept no for an answer. It’s like you are here just to fulfill their desires and grant every fish they have. They don’t feel ashamed that you are paying for their food for the fourth time in a row and that they are constantly using your stuff. For them it is completely normal and why wouldn’t they do that when they see that you are obeying. At first you probably won’t even realize it as you’ll think that it’s what friends are for, to help each other in need. 

Well that it’s completely true but there is a limit for everything. You definitely start notice those kinds of people in your life when you ask them for something. Most of the time they won’t do it or they’ll find an excuse. It’s like helping each other goes just the one way and doesn’t come back around. It’s important to notice those kinds of friends and face them. If they want to be your friend with a good intention then you might make it work. Give them a chance to change but don’t fall for any tricks. 

Honesty should be a foundation for any relationship. Without the honesty as a base the relationship can’t grow in a healthy and strong way. People who can’t tell you honestly what they think or the ones that you just feel that you can’t trust them aren’t supposed to be in your life. Of course that we all tell white lies, and although that shouldn’t be an excuse, here I’m walking about very important matters that nobody should lie about. White lies can be a start of that. I know that friends tend to lie to each other because they don’t want to hurt their feelings but if you think little bit about it if you are real friends they should be grateful that you are honest. 

We tend to make an excuse that telling the truth to someone is hard when in fact it’s not. You just need to find the right way to tell it. The worst part in having people in your life that aren’t honest is that you find about it a much later than you should have. Conversation has a big meaning in any relationship and if you don’t feel like you can trust a world the other person is saying then that says it all.

Have you ever noticed those kind of people in your life? 
How do you deal with them? 

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  1. Loved this! I think people that use us are horrible because they drain our energy on the process! It's so bad. No benefits at all so I agree with you :)