Cute eBay Wishlist

Friday, May 12, 2017

Scrolling through eBay is definitely my guilty pleasure. You can find so many amazing things on there and  the price of them is amazing. I always like to search for jewelry's and cute accessories. I think that you can find so many good quality pieces without spending a fortune. 

This container is just so pretty. I love this pastel pink color. You can also get it in the pastel blue shade. It's amazing that you can get it in small, medium and large size. It would be so cute to have all of them and hold different things in them. I think that I would put my jewelry in this smallest one.

I really like little necklaces that have a simple but cute chain. This cactus one I've been seeing around the internet for so long and they aren't that cheap. I always like to buy my jewelry from eBay because most of the times it's amazing quality and you can really save some money. 

Why do all purses need to be so expensive? Whenever I'm trying to buy one it costs so much and they are so big. I decided to try and find some cute ones on eBay and bumped into this cute little lady purse. It's just the perfect size, color and shape. 

I'm very picky when it comes to buying sunglasses. I'm not really into weird shapes and crazy colors. Another reason why I really want this eBay pair is because I lost quite a lot of sunglasses in the past and I know that if I lost this ones I wouldn't be very sad as I know that I didn't spend a lot of money on them.

As my hair is now really short I can't actually do a lot of hairstyles with it so I'm trying to find cute little bobby pins and hair accessories. I really like different shape ones. This is a fox hair clip and it looks so pretty. There are so many different shape hairpins that would look so beautiful pined on one side of your head. 

Do you like to buy things from eBay?

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