Colorful Origami Butterflies

Monday, May 1, 2017

I love to make little cute things with my hands. I remember doing origami in a primary school and how much I loved it. I find it so amazing how many incredible things you can do with just paper. I learned how to make the cutest butterflies and wanted to share it with you. 

It's really quick and easy to do once you get the hang of it. I think I made around 20 of them. Definitely going to make a lot more for my dorm room wall as it would look so pretty. I also filmed a YouTube video so you could see better how to do them. 

All you need is a square piece of colored paper. My paper size was 10x10 but you can take any size. It depends how big or small you want your butterflies to be.  You can use a origami paper or collage paper. 

  • Fold your paper over to create a diagonal line in the middle. Open it up and fold it again point to point. Now you need to fold it length to length. Open it up again and fold the other side. Try to be as precise as you can.  
  • Fold your paper again length to length.You'll see two triangles on on the corner. Grab the corner of the left side and push it down. Do the same to the other side to get one triangle.  Now fold it ones more to get a smaller one. 
  • Cut one corner semicircle. 
  • Open it up to get the middle triangle shape. 
  • Fold the top sections on both sides top lines with middle line.
  • Grab the down corner and roll it round and attach it with the stapler. 

I hope that my instructions and this video will be helpful and that you are going to try and make these beautiful butterflies. 

Do you like origami? 
What do you like to make? 

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