Top 3 MAC Nude Lipsticks

Monday, May 15, 2017

Hello everyone! I'm Terri from Terri Talks, and I'm very excited to be guest posting on Antonia's blog! Today let's talk all things MAC...

MAC is one of those brands that as a young teen I lusted over. Especially their lipsticks. If you had a MAC lipstick, you were a cool kid. Obviously now there is so much more diversity in the makeup industry with lots of brands breaking through with new and exciting products. But I still feel all nostalgic when I use my MAC lipsticks. I generally gravitate towards nude shades, so here are my MAC picks for the perfect nude lip:

1.       Velvet Teddy – You're probably all sick of hearing about this shade. But let me tell you, this shade was a pain to get a hold of (thanks Kylie Jenner).. But it's hyped for a reason! This is a gorgeous true nude shade in a matte formula. The shade is on the darker side of the spectrum, but is still very wearable. Velvet Teddy is a great option to go from a day to night makeup look!

2. Blankety – Next up is Blankety, this is such an underrated shade in my opinion. It's a nice, natural, soft pink shade. This shade is in the Amplified Crème formula, making it comfortable and easy on the lips.

3.        Honeylove – Finally, is Honeylove. This is another matte shade, but is a more light beige/nude compared to Velvet Teddy. Honeylove also has a slight pink undertone to it, making it a great day to day lippie.

Have you tried any of these shades? What would be your top three?

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