Little Road Trip To Opatija

Monday, May 22, 2017

Last weekend my friends and I decided to go on a little road trip. It was really spontaneous and those kinds of trips always end up being the most amazing ones. It was a one day trip to beautiful city Opatija on the coast of the Croatian Adriatic Sea. First time I was in Opatija was around 8 years ago, and I went with my school. It really made a big impression on me and I always wanted to go back. 

Our road trip was almost deferred as the weather was quite changeable and it supposed to be rainy. It was very sunny and clear in the morning so we could start our trip after all. We started at 9:30 and went on highway. It was the quickest way to travel to Opatija although another option is old road where you travel through different cities and villages. It’s perfect choice because you can really explore more of the road and be more spontaneous

We travelled for around hour and a half. There wasn’t any traffic jam although on some places there was a road work. It was quite cloudy but we didn’t mind it as we were so excited to finally arrive. We decided to have a little walk near the sea and decide what we’re going to do. Opatija is a very popular summer and winter resort. 

There is so many beautiful Vilas and restaurants. While walking through promenade you can hear seagulls and noise of the waves. There is so many beautiful old buildings amongst which is this St. Jacob's Church. The beautiful view of Maiden with the Seagull statue looking over the sea is so beautiful. 

Then we decided to sit down and have something to eat as we haven't eaten anything since morning. My best friend and I decided to go with a toasted sandwich and boys decided to eat cevapi and french fries. We had a beautiful view of the sea which definitely added to the price. I really like that everything is so close and near the sea. 

After, we went to visit the neo-Romanesque Church of the Annunciation with its pronounced green cupola. It’s one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever seen. It’s absolutely magnificent as it's on the little height. You can see the whole Opatija and over on the other side of the sea. I absolutely love the buildings from this period. It's just breath taking. 

It would be a trip to sea side if you’re not eating ice cream. I went for ferrero flavor and it was so tasty. It gives you that special feeling. The weather was just perfect. We talked and laughed so much. It was incredible to even just sit and watch the sea. The weather youldn't be better. It wasn’t too hot or cold. 

Another must see place is definitely a park Angiolina which contains many species of plants from all over the world. It was so relaxing walking through so many beautiful threes and flowers. It gives you that other side of the city and the sea. 

Have you had a little road trip recently? 
Do you have any holidays planned?
Where would you like to go? 

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