Loving Lately || May

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May was a very good month. It was very busy but also very exciting. I was in such a good mood as the Summer is closer and closer which also means that finals are close but for now I just want to focus on things that I've been loving this month. 

After a few months of not wearing any nail polish I finally fell back in love with painting my nails because of this beauty. It's of course  Essence The Gel Nail Polish in "67 love me like you do". It's such a pretty dark pink shade and leaves a beautiful shine. The reason that I love it so much is actually the lasting. I wore it for more than five days without it chapping. Most of the nail polishes I used before would be gone till third day so I was very impressed with this one. Need to get some more pastel shades from this brand.

The highlight of this month was definitely a Little Road Trip To Opatija. I've wrote a whole post about it so if you haven't seen it be sure to check it out. I had so much fan with my friends. I was in desperate need for a little get away and it was better than I even expected it to be. I'm so excited for future ones. We walked quite a lot and I've been wearing these cute little black Startas shoes. They are so light and comfy to wear. 

My favorite makeup product of May is definitely L'oreal Paris Infallible Foundation. I've gushed so much about it. I've been using it almost every day and it gives the best coverage. It became my favorite foundation. I just love how light it is and how it makes my skin look so natural. I've wrote a full review of it last week so if you want to know more about it be sure to check it out. 

I'm the worst at wearing jewelry. Especially earrings. I don't like to go to sleep with them on so I always take them off in the evening and forget to put them back in the morning. But not these ones.  These white ladybug earrings I've been loving so freaking much. They just look so cute and unique. I'm wearing them non stop. 

What have you been
 loving in May? 

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