Podcasts I've Been Loving

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Podcast are definitely beginning to be more popular these days. There is so many amazing ones for everybody's taste. Although I'm more of a visual type I've been really enjoying listening to some amazing and fun podcasts. 

Crash on my couch is a podcast by Will Darbyshire and Arden Rose. They are both YouTuber and a couple. Although I don't actually watch their YouTube videos I've been enjoying their podcast. They talk about everything and anything. It's a weekly podcast about all the topics that you definitely won't be able to hear anywhere else. It's so much fun and easy to listen to. 

This is a podcast by Jen Carrington. She is a creative coach and gives amazing advice's about overcoming the fears and how to build a creative livelihood. I love to listen this podcast when I want to feel motivate and inspired. She really knows how to get you to feel good and ready to work hard. Her episodes aren't as long as from the other ones but they are right on point. 

Let's Discuss is a podcast hosted by two lifestyle bloggers, Ella Gregory and Beatrice Welburn. They cover topics about life, love, work and much more. I really like that you can get a two sides for every topic and you can easily relate and learn something new. It's really easy to listen because you get the feeling like you are the part of the conversation. 

Do you like to listen to podcasts? 
Which ones are your favorite? 

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