Autumn Fashion Essentials

Saturday, September 26, 2015

I can honestly say that Autumn style and fashion is my favorite. I like all the natural and dark colors. I find layering so fun to do. You can use one simple item and combine it with multiple scars, vests or jackets. 

My first Autumn fashion essential is this cute knitted button up sweater. I wore it all the time. It looks really cool with long sleeves tee. Especially with printed ones. It keeps me warm and cozy trough rainy days. 

In early Autumn day when weather is not that cold my favorite peace to wear is this shirt. I have it for so long. It's really light so I usually wear plain tee underneath. My favorite accessory are scarfs. I like to wear this floral printed one. It's so light and sheer. But it steel keeps my neck from the wind and looks really cute. 

This scarf is little bit warmer then first one. I like this green color so much. It brings a little bit of color to grey winter days. Cardigans are my go to essential. I have them in grey, blue, dark green, mint green and brown. As you can tell I really like them. You can find them with or without buttons. I prefer them with buttons. It's nice to button up if it gets chilly. 

These are my baby's. I live them so much. They are so comfortable and they keep my feet's warm. I wear them every day to school. They are waterproof so I don't need to worry about rain. I really like this black and white part. 

This hoodie is absolutely amazing.  You know those Monday's when you just want to feel comfortable and don't think to much what are you going to wear? Well in those kinds of days my go to clothing peace is this hoodie. It's so comfortable. 

Best part of it is that it has pockets. So whenever I'm feeling cold I just put my hands in them and it immediately get better. Another love of mine is this sweatshirt. It's similar material and I really like the print. They look pretty with every outfit. 

What are your autumn essentials?