Hairband Half Up-do Hairstyle

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

This is the cutest hairstyle I ever did. It looks so romantic and boho. It's perfect for night out, weddings, proms, back to school.... Best part is that you can do it yourself and it's super quick. It keeps hair out of your face and you can carefree enjoy whatever activities you have. 

Of course I found this hairstyle on Pinterest. I was so amazed with how simple and pretty it was. I couldn't find any cute hairbands is stores so I went on ebay and ordered this one. It's so beautiful. It has rose gold metal flowers on it. 

Want do make it yourself? Here's how.  Part your hair on the middle or little bit at the side. How ever you prefer. Put your headband over your head but don't pull your hair over it. Clip your headband with small clips so it's not moving.

 Now grab little peace of hair from the front of your right side and tuck it into your headband. Then pick up a peace of hair right beside it and tuck it in again. After right side do the exact same thing on the left side. Remove your clips. Fix it a little bit and your done. 

I think that this hairstyle look even prettier on curled hair. It gives nice volume and shape. I actually wore it to my cousins wedding and a lot of people complimented my hairstyle. They even asked me in witch hair salon I went. So yes I really love this hairstyle. 

Do you like this hairstyle?