What's In My Bag?

Monday, September 7, 2015

I was always one of those people who loved to know what's in somebody's bag, makeup bag, pencil. I find it so interesting. I never seemed to do one of these posts because I always thought I my bag's are boring. I never used to carry a lot of stuff with me. Just recently I realized that my bag is getting heavier. I trow everything out of it and thought that it's time to do What's In My Bag? post. 

So I got my bag around 2 years ago. I really needed a cute little satchel bag. I bought it in shop called Deichmann. I was just in love with the color. It's mint green...my favorite Summer color. I just love everything about it. It's perfect size for me and my stuff. There is a lot of little pockets inside. So all of the things I need are separated. As It's not very big I keep in it things that I really need. So there is no space for junk. 

The obvious thing and the most important to have in bag is wallet. Mine is this vine red one with gold heart on it. I have it for a wile now and I'm planing to buy another. This one is good but I find it to be a little bit too big. Another very important thing for me is my phone. It's not on the photo because I photograph with it. It is Sony Xperia C2105. With it I always grab my headphones. This ones are actually from my sister because my don't work. I really need to buy another headphones. 

Necessary things that I always have in my bag are tissues and chewing gums. I always pour something so I need to have a lot of tissues. And public toilets sometimes don't have toilet paper. I like to have gums because you never know if you got desire to eat onion and you don't want to kill people with your breath after. 

From makeup I just grab my lip products. As my lips dry really quickly I need to have Baby Lips with me all the time. For some color I just have Essence Jumb Stick. It's nice pink color for everyday look. I like to have hairpins, cute hair clip and elastic because my hair can get really crazy. I also pop in a pen because you never know who might ask me for autograph..just kidding. It's for when my mom give me grocery list I can cross down all the things I bought. It just makes me feel all grown up...heh

What are your bag essentials?