TV Shows That Marked My Childhood

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I know that I mentioned them a lot but I really wanted to dedicate one post just for them. When I'm thinking of my childhood my memories always take me to the time when my mom and I watched TV shows together. Even before I knew how to read I just loved to watch life of those people on TV, Sometimes I would imagine what kind of conversation they had. 

Gilmore Girls 

TV Show about relationship between Mom, her teenage daughter and grandmother living in the small town. I think that there will never be made show like this one, It's unique on so many different ways. Every character have they own way of speaking. For me Laurel is my fave. She is just so witty. I could listen her talk all day. On the other hand there is Rory. A real book worm. She has different way of speaking thinking. I have a feeling that she first have a good thought before she says anything. I would really like to re watch it one day. Maybe even with my own daughter. 


Totally different kind of TV show. Awesome on another way. Oh have much have I laughed , at Chandler's sarcastic answers and jokes, Joey's stupid questions and "How you doin?", Rachel love interest, Phoebe's songs (Smelly cat is my fave), and Rose's dinosaur talking. Sometimes I even had to calm myself because I didn't want to wake up my family with laughter. I loved their little cafe in witch they always had their couch and sofa free for them to sit, drink coffee and chat. Every one of them have something that make that friendship feel real. 

Do you like Gilmore Girls and Friends? Which TV Shows marked your childhood?