My Favorite Earrings

Monday, September 21, 2015

Earrings are jewelry that I should really start to wear more often. I tend to forget about them. I have few ones that I really like and wear a lot. They are really simple but that's exactly what I love about them. 

I'm not really a girl who likes to wear dangle earrings, hoops or chandeliers. I find them really uncomfortable and I  don't like how they look on me. My ears are medium size. I'm all about simple studs. I find them so pretty and easy to wear. They go with everything and I know that my ears wont hurt after I take them off. 

So the first one is this gold stud earring. I got it for my christenings from my godfather. I love them so much. They have bigger red stone in upper part and 3 little diamond ones in lower part. I think that they look so elegant and cute. Whenever I can't decide which earrings I'm going to wear I choose this one. 

This remaining 3 earring I got from my friend. Two of them are black and white pearl. They are really easy to wear and great for every day. And the last one is crystal one. This one is absolutely gorgeous. It's in best size and don't look massive on my ears. 

I can't wait to buy more of stud earrings. There is so many of them and in so many shapes. I would really like ones in shape of cat and owl. It would look so pretty. 

What kind of earrings do you like to wear?