Things I Like To Do Offline

Friday, September 11, 2015

So when you are a teenager and a blogger it can be hard to separate from phone and all the social medias. I noticed that even when I'm watching movie I have phone in my hands and I spend half of a movie on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. 

I decided to take some time off. Because scrolling true Twitter or Instagram every second is not very good. I even noticed that my concentration isn't very good and I think that it's because of all the unnecessary information's I get from social medias. These are the things that I like to do with my phone far away. 

Watch Documentaries 

As a young girl I always loved to watch documentaries. My favorite ones are about animals and nature. I absolutely enjoy learning new stuff about animals and their habits. I immediately want to go to Brazil, Africa or Asia and live with them. There is much that we can learn from them 

Take a Walk 

I think that walk is the best thing to do when you just want to clear your mind and just step back from all the social medias because it can be a little bit overwhelming. Whenever I feel cluttered by the online space or even offline one my urge pules me to just go outside. Sometimes I walk with my dogs and sometimes by myself.  

Play with pets 

Nothing makes me more happy then playing with my two dogs and three cats. They understand me the best. They are the best listeners. Sometimes I talk to them like they can talk to me back. I try to spend quality time with them every day. 


Reading. Best escape from world. Best way to travel and learn so many new things. Books are everything. I always tend to have at least one book on my bed. Sometimes I have one that I'm currently reading and beside the one that I want to read next. I even stopped to watch TV. I have big imagination so I can give life to all of the characters in my mind. #bookworm

Do-it-yourself Projects

Letting my creativity out is nice. I go in my own world and feel so safe and happy there. I found myself as a very creative person. I like to do everything with my hands and make new things from old stuff. It's nice to look at something and be able to say that I mead that. 

Which things do you like to do offline?