Things You Should NOT Feel Guilty About

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Have you ever had that annoying feeling of guilt that you know you should't have had? Yeah, you are probably not the only one. Guilt is something that we feel when we do something wrong and in those kind of situation we are probably feeling guilt for the right reason. There is also a feeling of guilt when someone or we ourselves are putting it on us when there is really no reason to do so. Sometimes we just need somebody to tell us about some things that we should not feel guilty about.

Choosing Your Own Happiness 
It is commonly known that being kind and always there for others is a normal and rational thing to do. When someone we care about needs our help we go out of our way and help them no matter what. The tricky part in this whole story is “no matter what”. Putting your own happiness and life before others is something perceived as selfish and rude. It is like your own life should go on standby just because someone else expect you to always jump when they say hop. Wanting to do what is best for you sometimes means knowing when it’s time to choose your own happiness. 

This doesn’t mean that you should never help others but it does means that you should put your own happiness on the back seat. I believe that the guilt of choosing yourself over others is put on women much more than on a man. It is perceived as normal that woman should always be the one who is behind someone else’s happiness, their spouses, children’s or work in general. When you choose your own happiness you start to radiate and immediately transfer that on the people around you. Don’t let anybody make you feel guilty about taking care about yourself and your own life. 

How You Spend Your Own Money 
I am sure that at least once or twice in your life you heard that comments about how you spent too much on some item. While we can all have our own opinion regarding that it doesn’t mean that we can tell someone what to do with their own money. Money is something that a lot of people find controversial. While some don’t like to talk about money in general others can get quite braggy about it. If you are spending the money you fairly earned then there is nothing you should feel guilty about. 

You are a grown up person who is in a managing their own finances and you should know best how you should or shouldn’t spend your own money. Getting a financial advice isn’t a bad thing but at the end of the day it’s you who is in charge. It’s another thing if you feel guilty because you are not good with money and impulsively spend it on things that you don’t even need. Then your guilt is telling you that you should think it twice before making any decisions. Guilt that is pushed on you by people that are just envious of you and your financial situation is something you should get rid of. 

Speaking Your Own Mind 
Although it seems that freedom of speech has never been on this level in the history of humankind, it doesn’t mean that it is always completely free of charge. Communication is very important for us as social beings but it does have its difficulties. Sometimes it can get hard to get our thoughts across and it can get hard to understand what others want to say. We will never be able to completely understand each other’s but that doesn’t mean that we should stop speaking our minds. 

Feeling guilt when you said something and another person misunderstood you is really not beneficial for anybody. As long as it was not your intention to insult anybody or be disrespectful of their opinion then there is no room for guilt. Something I personally am not a fan of is needing to constantly justify my words. There are some people that will just hear what they want to hear and not what the other person meant. That kind of people usually tries to make others' opinions worthless. The point is that you should always be free to say what is on your mind but knowing how to do it is also very important. 

Do you feel guilty about any of these things? 
How do you deal with the guilt that's not necessary? 

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