3 Hacks to Read More No Matter The Season

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Sometimes even the biggest bookworms have trouble to consistently read and make time for reading. As someone who used to read two book a week and then suddenly hitting the slump I found some hacks that helped me get back on track. In today’s post I’m sharing just 3 that I find the most helpful. They are something we can all incorporate in our everyday life and make reading a priority. 

I always say that I would have read all the books if there were no such things as electricity whit that the TV, mobile phone, computer, internet, social media and etc. was invented. Okay I know that even with those things I would be able to read a lot more books but bear with me. They are still quite a big distraction. I’m sure that sometimes you feel more like watching YouTube videos and listening to music then actually picking a book that deep down you know you really want to start reading right now. 

The thing is that our brain finds it easier to just watch videos as it doesn’t requires him to work as much as it has to when you we are reading. Trick that helps me read more is to pretend like there is no power in my home. It’s a game that made me read so many incredible books. So here is how you play it. You turn off or leave your mobile phone outside of the room that you are reading in. It goes the same way with any kind of gadget that could possibly be more attractive than a book (and that should never happen). 

We all at least once started a book that just wasn’t our cup of tea but we still tried to push through it which took longer than you expected. At the end you still got to conclusion that that book just wasn’t for you. I know that sometimes we just don’t want to admit it but if you have stopped as soon as you realized that and didn’t wait till the end you would probably read few books that would be just up your street. There isn’t a rule that just because you started a book you need to finish it. This is just taking all the fun that reading should be a about. 

When you are choosing a book to read always have a backup one just in case that the first one isn’t what you expected it to be. This is great as you can sharpen your taste in books and save yourself some trouble next time. I sometimes have more than one backup just so that I know that I have options from which I can choose the one that attracts me more at that moment. Don’t be afraid to stop reading that one book although it’s not your taste it probably is someone else’s. 

Having a certain goal in mind whit whatever you are doing in life is great as it helps you stay on track. It is no different with reading. Knowing what you want to accomplish reading wise will help you get there. This could definitely be helpful for those who have trouble getting on track with reading. There are a lot of reading challenges out there that you can easily find and join. Or you can just make a list of books you want to read and start ticking it off. You can make it weekly, monthly or yearly. You are the one who knows what works best for you. 

I would also recommend using Goodreads as a goal tracking. If you haven’t heard about Goodreads before it is basically a book cataloging website that allows you to search its database of books, annotations, and reviews. You can also set a year reading goal. This is a great site to make a reading bucket list and also track all the books that you read so far. You can track how you’re doing while reading each book by updating the progress. If you are not sure which book you should read next then there are a lot of helpful reviews from the bookworms themselves.

Do you find it hard to consistently read? 
Do you find these hack helpful? 

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