Minimal Makeup Collection Is All You Need & Here Is Why

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Cosmetics has been used in one way or another for centuries. Its popularity seems not be fading away. Makeup brands and the whole beauty industry are working on new products each second. The amount of different makeup products that you can find in drugstores is quite overwhelming. Somehow owning more became a trend, at least that seems to be case beauty wised. As a proud owner of a minimal makeup collection here are some things that I realized after taking this road. 

I am a makeup lover as well and I remember that beauty bloggers and YouTubers who owned a lot of makeup looked so impressive to my younger self. Seeing their makeup collections can easily implant a not so realistic and healthy image of what makeup and beauty is, of course there are always exceptions. I am sure that this is not their intention as well. 

The main problem in huge makeup collections is the fact that most of the time even half of those makeup products is not used and goes to waste. There is a difference in having a big makeup collection and actually getting through the entire product before their expiration date and in having a lot of makeup products and using few all the time and keeping the rest because we think we will use it in the future. A minimal makeup collection looks different for everyone. “Minimal” doesn’t equal “nothing at all”. This is a misconception that a lot of people have when it comes to minimalism. 

If you pay attention to your every day makeup routine you will realize that most of the time you are using the same products over and over again. When you know which products you absolutely love and which you do not, it makes your getting ready so much easier and quicker. You won’t spend a lot of time trying to find that product through a pile of other products and things won't get messy. 

You can still enjoy applying makeup with less makeup in your makeup bag. People with minimal makeup collections have as much if not even more fun with their makeup. Having less does not means that you need to sacrifice the products that you absolutely love using. It just means finding that balance between owning too much and owning just enough. 

If you look at the price of each makeup product that you buy and then think about how many of them you actually never even used up, I am sure that it all counts up. Buying different eyeshadow palettes or highlighters when you know that you probably won’t get use of all of the shades is not really budget friendly. 

If you think a little bit more about it you will realize that buying just the products that you absolutely need will give you opportunity to maybe even splurge on some products that are better quality but higher in price. Isn’t it better to own that one foundation that you really love then owning five different ones that doesn’t make you skin look as good anyway. 

We do not even realize that in today society, money is our vote. Choosing to buy products that are not cruelty free or behind which there are human and natural tragedies means that we support that. Getting informed about not only the finished products but also products that were used to produce makeup is very important. 

Let’s be real, most of the times we are not even aware about what we are putting on our skin. We tend to overlook all the other facts behind the single product. So choose wisely. Another thing is that most of the makeup products are made from materials that cannot be easily recycled which means that in some kind of state they are always present in the nature.

Do you have a huge makeup collection or do you lean more towards minimal one?
Do you go through each and every makeup product that you own?  


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